Inner and Universal Aquarian Epochal Chancellate


Worldwide Account Index Event

Over the next six months, the Inner and Universal Aquarian Epochal Chancellate will work on and release the worldwide index account. All those who are a part of the movement are encouraged to build their own account and to build it up to talk with one another. More details regarding the release and the functions of the worldwide account index

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Fireside: Newark Updates

10/14/2017: This event will feature the themes, event dates, and event locations for the events that are to take place in 2019. From now on, this will be the event that will feature the events for the next cycle. This will give cities more time to prepare for the events and to also start bidding by provinces to feature cities

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Presidency Message

Strip off the Old

Text This Week Prophecies 17: 1-17 – page 114 The creator has spoken to people of the world. Those people who change the world. They do it because they know who they are talking to. They will be dismayed and ashamed, but they will not fall. Those are the people who will rise and who will change the world for

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Monthly Message

October 2017

September 25 – October 1 What is patience? Why is it a virtue on the path to the light? Can we have a willingness to be patient? How long do we have to wait for the coming of the Christs and the coming of the new age? There are many who think that they need to wait, but they are

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