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Presidential Visit

The president recently visited the leadership of IUAEC. The first presidency and members of the white house discussed environmental protection and religious freedom, among other topics. There is a call by many people to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy and to also protect the land that we call home. The leadership of IUAEC also expressed concern with the recent

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Meeting Notes

Visions of the Scroll

Text This Week Smyrna 15: 1-5 – page 453 Watch out for those who create distention obstacles in opposition to what you have achieved the knowledge and wisdom. Those people claim to serve those who perceive to be good, but they deceive the hearts of the innocent. Now you can only strengthen yourself according to what has been talked about

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December 2017

Date: November 27 – December 3 What is the highest form of love? What is unconditional love? How can we be sure when love is genuine? The highest form of love can be seen in unconditional sacrifice on behalf of another. This is something that has been seen by those who are called the dying and resurrecting gods. The existence

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