2018 Week 17

Text This Week

Teachings of the East 66: 1-15 – page 375

Once you seek the light, you shall be healed of all the pain which you experienced this world and you shall be able to live free again. The cause of all the ailments in this world which are spiritual in nature are cause by the one who does not possess the gifts of the Guardian Angels. Exercise self-control and think of others and yourself as equals. Do not think of yourself as above those who were not you. Your usefulness will come out to you and the light will come to your mind. The people of the world nourish their bodies, but the one who is wise newer dishes their mind. The one who indulges in the world will work towards their own destruction and that the one who walks in the path of the light will have salvation from evil and will have everlasting life.

As though the word of truth will give you comfort. You will attain the bliss of enlightenment so that the truth comes to your soul. Those who are enlightened and were enlightened will give their path to you, and you must learn from their paths so that you may apply the truth your own path. You do not have to give anything in return for learning the truth, for the truth comes from within. The light that comes from religion must be used without compromising the truth. The truth will never be broken but dogma is different between cultures. Accept what others give to you, for your way shall receive the necessary path to attain salvation at the very end. From this day forth, you shall live by the light of truth and you shall accept everything that your friends and your family have given to you.

Treasures from the Word

  • There are a lot of people in the world that would like to understand and to practice the virtues, but there are only a few of us that truly understand them.
  • We should understand and love the two great commandments, which is the love of self and of others.
  • We should know that the basis of the gospel of the people of the new age is love and understanding of all things.

Spiritual Gems

  • What are among the things of the world and what are among the things of the heavens?
  • How can we come to understand the will of the divine and the plan that they have for us?
  • What can we learn about the divine plan by learning more about this topic?
  • What can we learn about the topic from the other readings for this week?


  • There are a lot of people in the world looking for a good path to the light. We should help to invite people to the light and we can do this through the example that we leave to other people. That is what really matters the most.

Living as Epochalists

  • We should bring the words, deeds, and thoughts of the Christs into the realities that we all live in. We should use the imagination that we have to bring these stories into the realities of our life.
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