A meeting between AMAR International chairman Baroness Emma Harriet Nicholson and Chancel leaders took place recently.

In a statement from AMAR International, the meeting took place between the charity’s chairman and the First Presidency of IUAEC.

AMAR International, or the AMAR Foundation, is a charitable organization dedicated to helping rebuild lives in Iraq by providing individuals with essential services and economic opportunity.

According to them, the foundation helps more than 600,000 people from remote and under-served areas in the country receive mobile health consultations, job skills training, clean water in schools, and pyscho-social support.

The Chancel and the foundation have partnered for many projects through the years. Both organizations believe in utilizing practical solutions in helping individuals rebuild their lives.

The organization called the meeting with Chancel leaders “a very special day,” and shared pictures from their meeting.

The Chancel supports many of the efforts and AMAR projects in Iraq, the foundation stated in their social media post.

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