Angel Conference 2017

Theme Songs:

Date: June 10, 2017

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Venue: Wells Fargo Arena

Theme: The Great Exchange of Ideas


  1. Transfer of Temple Districts
    1. A massive transfer of some of the temple districts to new provinces is officially underway and the announcement of new temple district assignments will be announced at the Reunion event in July. The reason for this is to make sure that the provinces can be governed centrally and that the chancel as a whole runs smoothly.
  2. Voting on the Continuums
    1. The quaternary continuum has changed, with a few members moving up to the tertiary and the secondary continuum. The tertiary continuum has changed, with members moving up to the secondary and down to the quaternary. The secondary continuum has been voted on and approved with three new members. The primary and continuing continuums posted no additions, corrections, or deletions. The masculine continuum has been approved to be filled with influential male members that influence the development of the philosophy of Epochalism.
  3. Website Progression
    1. The website is likely to be largely complete by the end of the summer. The classes and some of the individual pages will take many years to complete, but will be constantly updated. This is to ensure that more and better information is given and less time is devoted to blog posts that have little meaning.
  4. New Stake Payment Plans
    1. Stakes will now get an average of 10% of all tithing from the individual membership. This is so that more resources can be devoted to the temple, province, and worldwide level. At the same time, many of the systems and resources will be more central to comply with the needs of the higher levels. At the same time, more support will be given to the stakes for a variety of projects and marketing campaigns. Stakes are also given freedom to fundraise for special projects that will not be subject to the general tithing fund. However, these will be subject to the approval at the temple level.
  5. Feminine and Masculine
    1. There are two sides to all of us. Masculine and feminine are not about the sexes, but they are about the mindset. A well rounded individual will have elements of masculinity and femininity. The masculine has long been neglected, but it is something that needs to be looked at. We are spiritual creatures and that is what appeals to the feminine. But we are also animalistic and that is what we need to be able to focus on.
  6. The Theology of the Angels
    1. The angels bring with them a diverse theology that is worth looking at. The angels themselves are a theological undertaking that is also worth looking at. Over the next couple of months, the angels will be seen as more than just people, but they will also be looked at as guardians, as protectors, and as examples to the philosophy that all people are to heed and to follow.
  7. The Angels and the Prophets
    1. The angels, throughout history, have been the major support of the life and the ministry of the prophets and they continue to be so today. The angels do not need to be close physically, but they left something to the prophets that will contribute to the continued development of the nature of the philosophy. A greater understanding was left behind along with more questions.
  8. New Event Sponsorships and Location Announcements for 2018
    1. Events for the year 2018 and beyond are likely to held internationally as well as domestically. The events will be sponsored by provinces and will be held in the territories of these provinces. Sponsors and locations will be held as the temple districts are set in stone.
  9. The Christs in the Angels
    1. The angels are very much supportive of the teachings of the Christs. They exemplify the teachings through who they are to the prophets. The angels contribute to the advancement of the philosophy that has been brought about by the prophets and the leaders of the religions of the world. We must not discount the importance of the angels in our lives.