Angel Conference 2018

Theme Songs:

Theme Text: We Are As One

Host Province: Aquilea

Date: June 9-10, 2018

City: Portland, OR

Venue: Moda Center


Session 1:

Song: It Sounds Along The Ages

Talk: Life and Death

Talk: Terminal Illnesses

Announcement: Stake Finances

Song: Guide My Feet

Announcement: Government Finances

Talk: The Smallest Letter

Talk: Paradise on Earth

Song: Love Makes A Bridge


Session 2:

Song: If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking

Talk: The Truth About Angels

Talk: Guardian Angels

Announcement: The Angelic Covenants

Song: Mother of All

Announcement: New Callings

Talk: The Princess

Talk: Organized Religion

Song: Comfort Me


Session 3:

Song: I Cannot Think of Them As Dead

Talk: The Best Gift

Talk: The Journey

Announcement: The Quorums of the Provinces

Song: If Every Woman In the World

Announcement: The Leaders of the Quorums

Talk: The Proper View

Talk: The Real Feast Days

Song: Let The Whole Creation Cry