At the Pulpit

Quote: You have then redeemed us, for you will not do bad deeds if you listen to the promptings of your spirit. – Ephesus 3:1

Major News: Women have made great strides in the mission of the Christs. They have been around from the beginning and they have made their own contributions to the mission. It is something that has continued to this day. There should be more of an effort to bring more women to the ministry while upholding the same examples that they have always been.

Major News: Speakers have been announced for the upcoming Progression 2018 event. The speakers have been selected from the Board of Bishops, who are currently on tour around the region and will conclude their tour next weekend. Announcements have also been finalized and speakers will be flown out to Singapore ahead of time to make these announcements.

Minor News: The team has been following the fallout from the shootings in Florida to see if any changes have been enacted. While a lot of attention has been given, little is being done to rectify and to make changes. A lot of options are on the table and it is time to take action on these changes being proposed.

Minor News: Black History month has been in full force. There are a lot of great leaders within the Chancellate today who are black and lead and are a part of leadership groups. There is a concerted effort to increase membership and leadership alike.

Minor News: There are a lot of people who are asking to see the finances of the Chancellate and how and where they spend the money that they bring in. The accountants have been largely in the dark about this… until the upcoming Spring World Conference.

Updates: Leaders of the Inner and Universal Aquarian Epochal Chancellate and members are on the ground of the ongoing earthquake relief that is taking place in Mexico. There is still a great need for relief in these regions and regions all over the world for a variety of problems.


  • Dedications are an important part of the life of the individual as well as the parent. It is something that parents and children look to as something that will define the roles of the family as it grows – Titus Cameron
  • Family History is important and it is something that should not be taken for granted. Take care to see where we came from so that we can see where we are going. – Porter Luna
  • We never know who we are to cross paths with. We need to make sure that the paths that we cross are worth the trouble for the both of us. – Ian Chung
  • The foundation needs to be strong so that the people below and above them are well supported. It takes a village to raise up an individual. – Reina Rivers
  • Mothers play one of the most important roles in our society. – Jaiden Baker
  • Work and self reliance are some of the most important vehicles that we as individuals can have as a result and a challenge in our life. – Zoe Anthony
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