Section 20


Bonum et Malum Orbis Terrarum

Date and Circumstances

Revelation given in 2010 talking about the state of the world and what we need to look for when we are looking for the divine plan in action.


Lo, and behold all of the things that I say for now and forever. The way of salvation is indeed shown to all of the religions of the world. All of them have a part of the truth and some have more than others. However, none of them have the complete road to salvation. The way of salvation is shown in the Grand Epoch of life and of the light that we all seek.

The purpose of all of the world is to come to know how to get to the light. The light is not just seen in words, but also in action and thought. The Christs show the way of salvation through their example, words, and thoughts. They thought of the world in a different way and it is up to humanity to follow in that example. No man is or ever will be perfect in this regard.

There is a bad state of the world. The state of the world is not good. There are not too many people in the world that know of the path to salvation. This is why there is a new wave of truth that has just started to be revealed. The world needs to get back to the great truth about life and the reality of their spirituality.

To that end, the Divine Plan calls for the twelve to come forth and to bring salvation to all the people of the world. This is the calling of the twelve is the call to dictate the truth. Some have already come and gone and there are still many that are yet to come. These truths shall be kept by the guardians and these guardians shall be called to one.