Section 109


Benedictio, et Sumptus Foederis

Date and Circumstances

Revelation given in 2014 concerning the curses and the charges of the unbeliever, the blessings of the covenant, the provisions of the scriptures, the treasury of the order, and common consent


Lo and behold all of the things that I say for now and forever. Those who do not believe and deny the reality of the covenant will not be blessed by the things of the covenant. They will not want to waste their time to find a balance in life. They do not recognize their inner spirituality and they will not take the time to make sure that those needs are satisfied. They will be doomed to live in the world and to seek after the temporary things for the rest of their days. They will be charged with the denial of their own covenant. We are all born under the human covenant and there are not many of us who know and care enough to make sure that everything is right. We all need to make sure that our covenant is secure and we need to make sure that we are in harmony with our spirituality. At the same time, we should not deny our humanity. That is not good for the people of the world. We should not deny our own humanity either. We are still human at the end of the day and it will be so until the end of our time.

If you choose to follow in the covenant, you will have a great number of blessings come to your life. There are a lot of things in the world that you would never think to do that you will choose to do because of the covenant. This is the covenant that has been passed down from the time of the beginning of the covenant. It is something that will remain with us forevermore. We should not take the provisions of the covenant lightly. The covenant is made for all people and for all time. We make a choice as to whether or not we will follow in the ways of the covenant.

The treasury of the Chancel is as follows. The treasury of the stake and the ward is organized by a representative on a local level. They shall report to the treasurers of the temple complex for earnings and reporting. The temple treasurers shall bring their reports to the worldwide congregation and the department of the treasury.

There are three levels of the canons. The primary canon is the canon that has to do with the nature of the covenant and the Aquarian Commandments and the teachings of the Christs. They shall be supported by the secondary canon, which is the one that is supported by the prophets. The tertiary canon brings the Aquarian Commandments and the covenant to the covenants of old. This is how they are to be organized. They are all important for us to understand, read, and study, but they all have their own purposes. They shall be supported by the concordances and by the Doctrines and Covenants that are to be proclaimed anew.

The final part of this revelation pertains to the laws and edicts of common consent and freedom. We are all born as humans and we all have free will. What we choose to do with our life is something that we choose to do alone and through our own will. We should not seek to have permission from those who are higher up to guide us. We will be misled because we give too much power. The most power that should be handed under the canopy of the divine plan is the common consent. It is common consent that allows all of us to choose who leads us. It is they that we entrust with the seat of the prophet and to have all of the powers thereof. It is something that has been laid out in the covenant from the beginning and it is something that shall remain in place until the end of our days. So let it be known throughout the world. So be it.