This page will provide a list of texts explaining the concordances and the commentary provided by the Inner and Universal Aquarian Epochal Chancellate:

Through Minds’ Eyes

Through Minds’ Eyes Deuterocanon

Epochal Doctrine and Covenants

The Bible
The Book of Mormon
Book of Certitude
The Tablets
Vinaya Pittaka
Sutta Pitaka
Mhayana Sutra
Nag Hammadi Library
The Pearl of Great Price
The Avesta Collection
The Urantia Book
A Course in Miracles
Tao Te Ching
The Works of Emanuel Swedenborg
Conversations with God
Popol Vuh
Writings of the Bab
Son of the Wolf
Tenets of Bahaullah
The Seven and the Four Valleys
The Splendour of God
Zen Avesta
Pahlavi Texts
Isis Unveiled
The Secret Doctrine
Book of Laeh Tzu
Yung Chu Garden
Kim Yung Pien
The Quiet Way
Wu Wei
The Art of War
The Granth
The Kojiki
The Nihangi
The Shundai Zatsuwa
Ainu Texts
The Confucian Canon
The Great Learning
The Doctrine of the Mean
Confucian Analects
Shu Ching
Shih Ching
I Ching
Li Ki
Hsiao Ching
Feng Shui
Rig Veda
Vedic Hymns
Suma Veda
Yajur Veda
Athara Veda
Aatharva Vaveda
The Upanishads
Vishnu Purana
Garuda Purana
Deva Bhaga
Devi Gita
Prem Sagur
Suva Brahmas
Laws of Manu
The Minor Laws Books
Institutes of Vishnu
The Satapatha Brahmana
The Grihya Sutras
The Mahabarata
The Ramayana
The Bhagavagita
The Vendata Sutras
The Yoga Sutras
The Hatha Yoga
The Dakshiminutra
Jaina Sutra
Book of Shadows
The Braddas
Gospel of Buddha
Buddhist Bible
The Dhammapada
The Jataka
The Sealed Portion