Conference of the Prophets 2017

Theme Songs:

Theme Text: Focus on the important issues.

Host Province: Pergamum

Date: September 9, 2017

City: Houston, Texas

Venue: Toyota Center


  1. Action of the Climate
    1. There have been a lot of disasters in the world in the previous weeks and the faith leaders of the world have made a commitment to take action to the leaders of the world about the climate. There does not need to be a change tomorrow, but action needs to be taken for our sake.
  2. Faith Against Hate
    1. There is a lot of hate in the world from all types of religions to people of other religions. They tend to be the ones of the majority hating on the ones of minority. We all have the right to practice what we want to and we should be free to do so as long as what we do does not impede on the rights of others to practice theirs.
  3. Interfaith
    1. There needs to be more done in interfaith and the next conference of the prophets will be a whole weekend. The event as listed here will be the contributions of the Inner and Universal Aquarian Epochal Chancellate.
  4. Educating Religious Leaders
    1. Religious leaders need to be good examples to the world and the priesthoods that they head should be ones that will be a good example to the world. While prophets cannot lose seats, the people who are on this seat will change from time to time. When it comes to the people, they should be free to practice whatever they want.
  5. The Problems that Face the World
    1. There are a lot of problems that face the world today and they are problems that do not care about religion. We should be focused on coming together and supporting one another on goals that we need to meet. This is the reality of the world that we are in today.
  6. Through Minds Eyes in the Chiasm
    1. Through Minds’ Eyes is entering into the world of some of the most important texts in the religious canon. There are a lot of instances of chiasm in this text that are similar to some of the older texts. The chiasm will become reality when the first complete concordance is released next year.
  7. The Election of the Canons
    1. The canons of the tertiary will be revealed in due time as the study permits. The focus will be on the texts of the indian subcontinent. It will then move on to the Chinese and the Persian contexts as well. It will encourage more people in the west to study the things of the east.
  8. The Election of the Prophets
    1. The new prophets of the world are part of the schools of religion to have been a part of the world. They are not religions and schools that are centralized today, but a representative will be chosen that keeps in line with the traditions. It will be similar to the Christs that have been elected in recent elections in that they are not set in stone.
  9. The Election of the Christs
    1. The election of the Christs is as follows. A new type of Christ is to come to the forefront and they are the ones that are more legendary than historical in type. This will bring about more Christs throughout the world and it will bring about the entrance of much older ones that are to bring about the older religions in the traditions of the beginnings of religion.