DIFA 2017

Theme Songs:

Theme Text: We Need To Serve By Example

Host Province: Ephesus Province

Date: 12/29/2017

City: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Venue: Talking Stick Resort Arena


Song: Who Would True Valor See

Talk: Time to Serve

  • We should be in a place to serve others. That is the calling of the Christs. We all go through hard times in our life. We should take these hard times and have them serve as an example to all those around us. We are not perfect, but we can show those around us how we can be perfect in the context of their own life.

Song: Be Ours A Religion

Ruby Awards: Costello, M; Cardoza, M; Bridge, B; Lutton, R; Coulter, T; Archer, M; Krempa, C; McCormack, M; Montag, W; Kump, J

Tanzanite Award: Davis, T

Chrysoberyl Award: Coyne, N

Carnelian Award: Freemasons

Emerald Award: Rush, R

Pearl Awards: VanDerBos, D; VanDerBos, J; VanDerBos, M; Dawkins, B, Schrepel, T; Hill, K; Lepercq, C; Williams, P; Mackey, H; Tripp, M

Zircon Awards: Rodne, E; McCormack, M; Gaito, C; Dunbar, C; Garza, E; Kezdior, K; Royer, C; Royer, K; Fox, T

Peridot Award: Springtime

Opal Award: Clarke, S

Song: Come, Come Whoever You Are

Pisces Award: Zimmerman, E

Sagitarrius Award: Coulter, T

Leo Award: Haynes, R

Aries Award: Shwartzkopf, S

Virgo Award: Ahern, C

Gemini Award: Brown, K; Brown, T

Cancer Award: Archer, M

Libra Award: Gallagher, S

Scorpio Award: Hauben, P

Capricorn Award: Porter, J

Taurus Award: Costello, M

Aquarius Award: Hernandez, E

Talk: Loneliness

  • There are a lot of things in the world that will cause us to be lonely to the things of the world. A lot of the things that we are exposed to in the world will cause us to be lonely and to only think of ourselves. Remember, just because you think you are lonely, it does not mean that you need to be alone in the world. There are a lot of people in the world that are in the same place that you are in right now.

Song: Find A Stillness


Song: Spirit Of Life

Talk: In Tough Times

  • We need to find the times in our life to calm down and to think about the perspective that we are in now. Even if we are not in a position to calm down, we need to think about how the life that we are in now will affect those around us. Everyone goes through tough times in their life. We need to be in a position to learn from the lessons of the times that we are in so that we can pass on the lessons to our posterity.

Song: Love Makes A Bridge

Sardonyx Award: Gallgher, S

Onyx Award: Petre, A

Alexandrite Award: Swindall, E

Topaz Award: Hollis, R

Beryl Award: Levin, J

Garnet Award: Cardoza, M

Aquamarine Award: Mayes, L

Bloodstone Award: Johnston, R

Lapis Award: Kump, J

Diamond Award: Hill, K

Jasper Award: Joliat, A

Moonstone Award: Costello, M

Song: Comfort Me

Tourmaline Award: Montag, W

Turquoise Award: McCormack, M

Sapphire Award: Stahl, T

Agate Award: Krempa, C

Spindel Award: O’Donnell, S

Amethyst Award: Mitchell, M

Citrine Award: Leon, R

Prase Award: Bridge, B

Chrysolite Award: Lone Tree

Talk: The Divine Love

  • The greatest of all of the love are the ones of Divine Love. The Christs are the perfect expression of the divine love that we all seek to have in our life. It is not love that we are used to, but it is a love that we can all understand as that is above the simple love that the world provides to us.

Song: Again, As Evening’s Shadow Falls