Fireside: Houston

Theme Songs:

Date: February 18, 2017

City: Houston, Texas

Venue: Toyota Center

Theme: Our Creation


  1. It has been proposed and accepted that the seminary program should now have an online component. This should help increase retention and bring on new members from around the world. It will also help with continuing education. This has only been pulled out to clergy and the priestly classes at the moment, but a membership study program that is based online is something that is in the works.
  2. We should always look to our family, our friends, and our ancestors and the examples that they have to bring about change in our own lives. It is not enough to go through life alone. People will not get that far without some help.
  3. We should take the time to discover what members of our family will be able to teach us. The reason that we should look to our family is because it will teach us a lot about who we are and nobody understands us better than our family. The lessons that you learn will be ones that you can best pass on to those who come after you.
  4. For the first time, broadcasts and lessons like these are being explored to be broadcast online. The first event to take place under this new format will not take place until April at the World Conference.
  5. There is a lot of competition out there for your soul in the world. Just keep in mind that there is no religion higher than the truth. This will be the theme of the Conference of the Prophets this year. We should be building bridges and not walls.
  6. The current political climate does not allow for some people to be comfortable. It is proposed and accepted that people should seek refuge in the congregations around the world. They should be made to feel welcome no matter what is happening on the outside.
  7. More changes are going to be announced over the course of the year as we tackle the issues that are facing religion today. We are on a quest to make the whole program into something that is a little more internet and application friendly. More changes throughout the transition to the digital and VR revolution will be announced.