Fireside: San Francisco

Theme Songs:

Theme Text: Go Along for The Journey

Host Province: Cesarea

Date: May 12, 2018

City: San Francisco, California

Venue: Oracle Arena

Song: O Light of Life

Announcement: New Angel Names – Alana Rollins

  • Over the past couple of weeks, some major changes have taken place with regards to the role and the names of the angels.
    • The angels have been stripped of their names to condone the universality of the angels in the lives of all people.
    • Three new angels have been established and their associated districts have been named.
    • The sacraments and the purpose of the angels have been adjusted to see the way that they will fit into our life.

Talk: Be The Leaders – Aidyn Richards

  • Changes are set to take place in the structure of the leadership of the Chancel at the stake, ward, and branch level.
  • We are all called to be the leaders that we were born to be in our own life.
  • We can enable and empower other people to be the best versions of themselves by the virtue of being a good example ourselves.
  • We should be the leaders so that we can enable growth to happen.

Talk: Lead By Example – Donovan Mueller

  • Three new sacraments are going to be named this year due to the new members of the Continuum.
  • The number of sacraments will result in the standardization of times for the sacraments to take place at the level of the Chancel and the temple.
  • We do not need to participate in all of the sacraments, but we will be enriched due to our continued participation in them.
  • When we go through the sacraments, we learn more about the world and our place in it.

Announcement: Temples and Provinces – Dominique Baxter

  • 400 additional temple sites have been named spread out through each of the provinces.
  • The cabinet has been working with each of the provinces on the changes of leadership and selecting the sites for the temples.
  • More announcements are set to take place in the future and will likely take place in these areas. There will also be a focus on the mission field in these areas.

Song: From Age to Age