Section 13


Gradus Semita

Date and Circumstances

Revelation given in 2010 talking about the fact that we must come to the path of the light.


Lo and behold all of the things that I say to you for now and forever. Come to the divine light like the laborers in the vineyard. Work at it and let it grow and you will grow into the light and the shining example of the world. Do not be afraid of the steps that are necessary because some are hard and some are easy. Take all of these steps and come to the light that is within all of you. This is the plan that has been in place from the beginning of the world. Since the times of the beginning, you have had to contend with the world and with your own desires as an animal. If you follow in the path and control these desires, then you shall see the light and have eternal life. This is the plan that has been here since the beginning and it shall be so until the end of all time, even to the very end of the age. Even so, let it be done.