Here is a list of the hymns that are included in the Inner and Universal Aquarian Epochal Chancellate. The first 400 of the initial hymnal are lyrical and the last 200 are instrumental in nature:

  1. Step By Step The Longest March (Step By Step Longissima Itinera)
  2. Praise the Source of Faith and Learning (Laudem Principium Fidei et Doctrina)
  3. This is My Song (Hoc est Meum Canticum)
  4. Gonna Lay Down My Sword and Shield (Amet Ponere Gladium Meum et Scutum)
  5. For the Earth Forever Turning (Nam Terra in Aeternum Conversus)
  6. O God, our help in ages past (O Deus, nobis auxilium in saecula)
  7. One More Step (One More Step)
  8. We Shall Overcome (Nos Vincet)
  9. We Are a Gentle, Angry People (Nos Sunt a Mitis, Iratus Populus)
  10. In The Forest (In Silva)
  11. For The Beauty of the Earth (Nam Pulchritudo Terrae)
  12. Dear Weavers of our Lives’ Designs (O Weavers nobis’ Consilia)
  13. Bring Many Names (Adducam Multis Nominibus)
  14. Far Rolling Voices (Longe Volvens Voces)
  15. God of the Earth, the Sky, the Sea (Deus in Terra, Caelum, Mare)
  16. Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus)
  17. I Am That Great and Fiery Force (Ego Sum, Qui Magna et Ignea Vi)
  18. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (Laeta, Laetum, Adoramus Te)
  19. Name Unnamed (Nomen Unnamed)
  20. Over My Head (Super Caput Meum)
  21. Now Thank We All Our God (Nunc Gratias Omnes Nos Deo Nostro)
  22. Sovereign and Transforming Grace (Deus et Convertendi Gratia)
  23. Though I May Speak With Bravest Fire (Quamquam, Ut Dicam, Cum Fortissimi Ignis)
  24. Into Thy Temple, Lord, We Come (In Templum Tuum, Domine, Ad Nos Venire)
  25. When in Our Music (Cum in Nostra Musica)
  26. Daya Kar Daan Bhakli Ka (Daya Wai Daan Bhakli Ka)
  27. Alhamdulillah (Alhamdulillah)
  28. Raghupati (Raghupati)
  29. It Sounds Along the Ages (Sonat Per Saecula)
  30. Come, Come, Whoever You Are (Veni, Veni, Quisquis Es)
  31. Light of Ages and of Nations (Lux Saeculorum et Gentium)
  32. Nay, Do Not Grieve (Immo, Non Dolere)
  33. God of Many Names (Deo Multa Nomina)
  34. Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Pretioso Domine, Tolle Manum Meam)
  35. A Mighty Fortress (Potens Arce)
  36. Come Sunday (Venit Dominica)
  37. Come, O Sabbath Day (Veni, O Diem Sabbati)
  38. Amazing Grace!(Mirum Gratia!)
  39. Earth Was Given as a Garden (Terra Data Est ut Hortus)
  40. Every Time I Feel the Spirit (Omni Tempore ego Sentio Spiritus)
  41. O come, You Longing Thirsty Souls (O venit, Desiderium Sitientem Animas)
  42. Wade in the Water (Wade in Aqua)
  43. We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder (Nos Sunt Ascendentibus Scala Iacob)
  44. We are Dancing Sarah’s Circle (Nos sunt Chorum Sara ‘ Circulus)
  45. There is a Wideness in Your Mercy (Est Wideness in Tua Misericordia)
  46. Oh, Freedom (O, Libertatem)
  47. Circle Round for Freedom (Circulus Rotundus, pro Libertate)
  48. No More Auction Block for Me (Non Magis Auction Scandalum Mihi)
  49. Oh, I Woke Up This Morning (O, Mane Experrectus Sum)
  50. Follow the Drinking Gourd (Sequi Bibendum Cucurbita)
  51. All Whose Boast It Is (Omnes, Quorum Gloria Est)
  52. Lift Every Voice and Sing (Levare Omnis Vox et Cantare)
  53. Now Is the Time Approaching (Nunc Est Tempus Appropinquare)
  54. Let There be Light (Nunc Est Tempus Appropinquare)
  55. I’ve Got a New Name(Ive ‘ Got Novus Nomen)
  56. Hail the Glorious Golden City (Ave Gloriosa Aurea Civitas)
  57. These Things Shall Be (Haec Erit)
  58. We Utter Our Cry (Nos Exterius Nostri Clamor)
  59. Guide My Feet (Dux Pedes Meos)
  60. We Gather Together (Nos Colligere)
  61. A Long, Long Way the Sea-Winds Blow (A Longa, Longa Via Mare-Venti)
  62. Find a Stillness (Invenire Silentium)
  63. We Lift Our Hearts in Thanks (Nos Levare Corda Nostra in deo Gratias)
  64. Bright Morning Stars (Lucida Astra Matutina,)
  65. A Firemist and a Planet (A Firemist et a Tellure)
  66. O World, Thou Choosest Not the Better Part (O Mundi, Tu Choosest Non est Pars Melior)
  67. All My Memories of Love (Omnia Memoria Mea Amoris)
  68. Once When My Heart Was Passion Free (Quondam, Cum Cor Meum Passionis Libero)
  69. Alone She Cuts and Binds the Grain (Sola Illa Secat et Ligat Frumentum)
  70. Life Has Loveliness to Sell (Vita Habet Speciem Vendere)
  71. How Happy Are They (Quam Felices Sunt)
  72. Love Will Guide Us (Amor Docebit Nos)
  73. O Liberating Rose (O Liberandi Rosa)
  74. Let Love Continue Long (Sit Amare Perge Diu)
  75. Can I See Another’s Woe? (Possum Videre Alterius Vae?)
  76. Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (Veni, Tu Fount Omnis Benedictio)
  77. Be That Guide (Esse, Quod Dux)
  78. Spirit of Life (Spiritus Vitae)
  79. Sound Over All Waters (Sonus Super Omnes Aquas)
  80. We’ll Build a Land (Puteus Aedificare Terra)
  81. Turn Back (Revertatur Retro)
  82. Once to Every Soul and Nation (Semel in Omni Anima et Gentem)
  83. This Little Light of Mine (Hoc Mea Lux,)
  84. O Light of Life (O Lux Vitae)
  85. I‘m On My Way (Ego sum, In Via Mea,)
  86. God of Grace and God of Glory (Dei Gratia et Deo Gloria)
  87. Forward Through the Ages (Et deinceps, Per Saecula)
  88. Life of Ages (Vita Saecula)
  89. Come, Children of Tomorrow (Venite, Filii Cras)
  90. As We Come Marching, Marching (Ut Nos Venit Iter, Iter)
  91. My Life Flows on in Endless Song (Vita Influit in Fine Carmen)
  92. Creative Love, Our Thanks We Give (Creative Amor, Nostro Gratias Agimus,)
  93. Die Gedanken Sind Frei (Die Gedanken Sind Frei)
  94. If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking (Si Possum Prohibere Cor Unum ex Fractione)
  95. O Star of Truth (O Stella Veritatis)
  96. Our Praise We Give (Laude Dabimus)
  97. Sing Out Praises for the Journey (Cantare Ex Laudat pro Iter)
  98. Wake, Now, My Senses (Casum, Nunc, Mea Sensibus)
  99. Make Channels for the Streams of Love (Facere Rivos, Flumina Amoris)
  100. Touch the Earth, Reach the Sky! (Tactus in Terram, ad Caelum!)
  101. We Are the Earth Upright and Proud (Nos Sunt in Terra Recti et Superbus)
  102. A Fierce Unrest (A Magno Tumultu)
  103. De Colores (De Colores)
  104. The Blessings of the Earth and Sky (In Benedictionibus de Terra et Caelum)
  105. The Earth is Home (Terra est Domum)
  106. Let It Be a Dance (Sit a Choro)
  107. Here on the Paths of Every Day (Hic in Semitis in Omni Die)
  108. O What a Piece of Work Are We (O Quid a Piece of Opus Sunt Nobis)
  109. We are Children of the Earth (Nos sunt Filii Terrae)
  110. This Old World (Vetus Hoc Mundo)
  111. The Pen is Greater (Calamus est Maior)
  112. Here In the Flesh (Hic In Carne)
  113. Break Not the Circle (Frangere Non Circulus)
  114. Where My Free Spirit Onward Leads (Ubi Libera Spiritus, Et Deinceps Ducit)
  115. Love Makes a Bridge (Amor Facit Pontem)
  116. Joy, Thou Goddess (Gaudium, Tu Dea)
  117. May Nothing Evil Cross This Door (Ut Nihil Mali Crucis Hoc Ostium)
  118. The World Stands Out on Either Side (Mundus Stat in Utraque Parte)
  119. It is Something to Have Wept (Est Aliquid Habere Flevit)
  120. Just as Long as I Have Breath (Iustus Quamdiu ego Spiritum)
  121. Mother Spirit, Father Spirit (Mater Spiritu Sancto, Pater Et Spiritus)
  122. The Leaf Unfurling (Folium Unfurling)
  123. No Longer Forward nor Behind (Non Ante, nec Post)
  124. Immortal Love (Immortalis Amor)
  125. O God of Stars and Sunlight (O Deus, et Stellas, et lux Solis)
  126. O Life that Maketh All Things New (O Vita, quod Facit Omnia Nova)
  127. The Lone, Wild Bird (Solus, Fera Avis)
  128. ‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple (‘Tis Donum Esse Simplex)
  129. What Wondrous Love (Quid Mirabile Amor)
  130. Be Thou My Vision (Esto Mihi Visus)
  131. Mother of All (Mater Omnium)
  132. Mysterious Presence, Source of All (Arcanam Praesentiam, Fons Omnium)
  133. To Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love (Ut Misericordia, Misericordia, Pax, et Amoris)
  134. What is This Life (Quid est Hoc, Vita)
  135. There is More Love Somewhere (Plus est Diligere Alicubi)
  136. I Cannot Think of Them as Dead (Ego Non Opinor ex Eis, sunt velut Mortui)
  137. Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child (Interdum sentio Amo a Motherless Puer)
  138. Loveliest of Trees (Loveliest Arborum)
  139. Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen (Nemo Scit Malum, ego Vidi)
  140. I’ve Got Peace Like a River (Ive ‘ Got Sicut Flumen Pax)
  141. Abide With Me (Manete Mecum)
  142. For All the Saints (Pro Omnibus Sanctis)
  143. When Israel Was in Egypt’s Land (Cum Israel in Aegypto est scriptor Terra)
  144. From Age to Age (Ex Aetatem)
  145. Who Would True Valor See (Qui Veram Virtutem Videre)
  146. Morning Has Come (Mane Venit)
  147. Breaths (Spiritusque)
  148. Comfort Me (Consolamini Me)
  149. There’s a River Flowin’ in My Soul (Illic ‘a Flumine Flowin’ in Anima Mea)
  150. When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place (Quando Cor Nostrum Est, in Loco Sancto)
  151. We Give Thanks (Gratias Agimus)
  152. Return Again (Rursus)
  153. Open My Heart (Aperi Cor Meum)
  154. Profetiza, Pueblo Mio (Profetiza, Pueblo Mio)
  155. Building a New Way (Aedificium Novo Modo)
  156. Come and Go with Me (Venire et Ire cum Me)
  157. Everything Possible (Omnia Fieri)
  158. Woyaya (Woyaya)
  159. Lean on Me (Inniti super Me)
  160. Open the Window (Aperi Fenestram)
  161. When the Spirit Says Do (Cum Sancto, Inquit, Facere)
  162. When Will the Fighting Cease (Cum in Pugna Desinit)
  163. If Every Woman in the World (Si Mulier in Mundo)
  164. Cuando el Pobre (Cuando el Pobre)
  165. Fire of Commitment (Ignem Officium)
  166. Love Knocks and Waits for Us to Hear (Amor Pulsat et exspectat Nos Audire)
  167. Siyahamba (Siyahamba)
  168. Filled with Loving Kindness (Repleti accéptos)
  169. Bwana Awabariki (Bwana Awabariki)
  170. De Noche (De Noche)
  171. Freedom Is Coming (Libertatem Venit)
  172. Twenty-third Psalm (Vicesimo tertio Psalmo)
  173. Be Thou with Us (Esto Nobis)
  174. Hush (Hush)
  175. Santo (Santo)
  176. Rivers of Babylon (Flumina Babylonis)
  177. Szekely Aldas (Szekely Aldas)
  178. Eli, Eli (Eli, Eli)
  179. There Is a Balm in Gilead (Est Resinam in Galaad)
  180. Shall We Gather at the River (Erit Colligere ad Flumen)
  181. Nada Te Turbe (Nada Te Turbe)
  182. Ubi Caritas (Ubi Caritas)
  183. Vieni Spirito Creatore (Vieni Spirito Creatore)
  184. How Could Anyone (Quomodo Quis)
  185. Go Lifted Up (Vade Levavit)
  186. Be Ours a Religion (Sit Nobis Religio)
  187. May Your Life Be As a Song (Sit tibi Vita esset, Ut Carmen)
  188. As We Sing of Hope and Joy (Sicut et Nos Cantare Gaudium et Spes)
  189. For So the Children Come (Ita enim Veniunt Filii)
  190. Winter Solstice Chant (Bruma Cantus)
  191. Blue Boat Home (Hyacintho Navi Domum)
  192. Alabanza (Alabanza)
  193. O Brother Sun (O Frater Solis)
  194. Mother Earth, Beloved Garden (Mater Terra, Dilecti Paradiso)
  195. Ancient Mother (Antiquam Matrem)
  196. Mother, I Feel You (Mater, Ego Tibi)
  197. On the Dusty Earth Drum (In Pulvere Terrae Tympanum)
  198. Earth Is Our Mother (Terra Est Mater Nostra)
  199. Turn the World Around (Turn Circa Mundi)
  200. Morning has Broken (Mane et contrivit)
  201. Bring O Morn, Thy Music (Affer O Aurorae, Tua Musica)
  202. Morning Hangs a Signal (Mane Pendet Signum)
  203. You That Have Spent the Silent Night (Vos, Quod Consumpsi in Tacita Nocte)
  204. Morning, So Fair to See (Mane, Ita Pulchra Videre)
  205. The Morning, Noiseless (Mane Autem Facto, Tacite)
  206. Now While the Day in Trailing Splendor (Nunc Dum Die in Longis Splendor)
  207. Now the Day is Over (Nunc Dies est Super)
  208. Now on Land and Sea Descending (Nunc in Terra et Mare Descendentem)
  209. Again, As Evening’s Shadow Falls (Iterum, Sicut Vespere est Umbra Cadit,)
  210. When Darkness Nears (Cum Tenebris Peracta Iamdudum)
  211. From All the Fret and Fever of the Day (Ab Omnibus Aestuare, et Febris de Die)
  212. Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life (Venit, Via, Veritas, Et Vita Mea)
  213. Calm Soul of All Things (Tranquillitas Animae Omnium Rerum)
  214. Nearer, My God, to Thee (Propius, Deus Meus, ad Te)
  215. Although This Life is But a Wraith (Quamvis Hac Vita est, Sed a Wraith)
  216. Winds Be Still (Ventos Esse Adhuc)
  217. This Land of Bursting Sunrise (Haec Terra Rumpitur Orto)
  218. The Wordless Mountains Bravely Still (In Wordless Montes, Fortiter Tamen)
  219. Wild Waves of Storm (Fera Fluctus Tempestas)
  220. No Number Tallies Nature Up (Nulla Numerus Tallies Natura Sursum)
  221. Color and Fragrance (Color et Odor)
  222. Seek Not Afar for Beauty (Quaerere Non Longe enim Pulchritudo)
  223. For Flowers That Bloom about Our Feet (Flores Quod Flore de Pedibus Nostris)
  224. The Harp at Nature’s Advent (Cithara in Natura Adventum)
  225. On the Dusty Earth Drum (In Pulvere Terrae Tympanum)
  226. Chant for the Seasons (Cantus enim Tempora)
  227. We Worship Thee, God (Nos Adoramus Te, Deus)
  228. Praise, O My Heart, to You (Laus, O Cor Meum, ad Te)
  229. The Spacious Firmament on High (Tris Firmamento in Altum)
  230. Let the Whole Creation Cry (Sit omnis Creatura Clamor)
  231. O God, Our Help in Ages Past (O Deus, Nobis Auxilium in Saecula)
  232. By the Waters of Babylon (Per Aquas Babylonis)
  233. Praise Be to God, the Almighty (Benedictus Deus, Omnipotens)
  234. When We Wend Homeward (Cum Nos Wend Homeward)
  235. O Young and Fearless Prophet (O Iuvenes et Intrepidus Propheta)
  236. Joyful is the Dark (Laeta est in Tenebris)
  237. Immortal, Invisible (Immortalis, Invisibilis)
  238. O Prophet Souls of All the Years (O Propheta, Animas Omnes Annos)
  239. Come Down, O Love Divine (Descende, O Amor Divinae)
  240. Enter, Rejoice, and Come In (Intrare, Gaudete, et Venit In)
  241. Rise Up, O Flame (Surge, O Flamma)
  242. Alleluia, Alleluia (Allelúja, Allelúja)
  243. Praise God (Laudem Deo)
  244. Heleluyan (Heleluyan)
  245. Now Let Us Sing (Nunc Cantemus)
  246. This is the Truth That Passes Understanding (Hoc Verum est, Quod Transit Intellectus)
  247. All People That on Earth Do Dwell (Omnes Homines Qui in Terra Facere Habitant)
  248. Alleluia, Amen (Alleluia, Amen)
  249. Gloria (Gloria)
  250. Alleluia Chaconne (Alleluia Chaconne)
  251. The Earth, Water, Fire, Air (Terra, Aqua, Ignis, Aer,)
  252. Dona Nobis Pacem (Dona Nobis Pacem)
  253. Gathered Here (Congregati Hic)
  254. Gaudeamus Hodie (Gaudeamus Hodie)
  255. Voice Still and Small (Vox Tamen et Parva)
  256. Hineh Mah Tov (Hineh Mah Tov)
  257. Jubilate Deo (Jubilate Deo)
  258. Have Nashirah (Have Nashirah)
  259. Sing and Rejoice (Cantate et Exsultate,)
  260. I Know This Rose Will Open (Scio Hoc Surrexit Aperiam)
  261. Morning Has Come (Mane Venit)
  262. To See the World (Ad Mundi)
  263. Vine and Fig Tree (Vitis et Ficus)
  264. Shalom Havayreem (Shalom Havayreem)
  265. Kum ba Yah (Kum ba Yah)
  266. From You I Receive (A Te Accipio)
  267. What Gift Can We Bring (Quod Donum Possumus Ferre)
  268. This Do In Memory of Me (Hoc Facite In meam Commemorationem)
  269. Let Us Break Bread Together (Sit Nobis Frangere Panem Simul)
  270. We’re Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table (Et nos erant ‘ Agnus dei Sedere ad Grata Mensam)
  271. Wonder of Wonders (Admiranda Prodigia)
  272. Sleep My Child (Somno Puer Meus)
  273. Surprised by Joy (Mirari Gaudium)
  274. Part in Peace (Pars in Pace)
  275. Let Hope and Sorrow Now Unite (Sit Spes et Dolore Nunc Coniungere)
  276. Go Now in Peace (Ite igitur in Pace,)
  277. As We Leave This Friendly Place (Ut Nos Relinquere Hoc Loco Amica)
  278. Hevenu Sahlom Aleychem (Hevenu Sahlom Aleychem)
  279. Shabbal Shalom (Shabbal Shalom)
  280. Praise to the Living God (Laudate Deum Viventem)
  281. Hashiveinu (Hashiveinu)
  282. O Sing Hallelujah (O Cantare Alleluia)
  283. Who Can Say (Quis Potest Dicere,)
  284. O Hear, My People (O Audi, Populus Meus)
  285. Dark of Winter (Tenebris Hiemis)
  286. Bells in the High Tower (Campanis in Summo Turris)
  287. All Beautiful the March of Days (Tota Pulchra Itinere Dierum)
  288. Ring Out, Wild Bells (Anulus Ex, Wild Campanis)
  289. Almond Trees, Renewed in Bloom (Amygdalinas Arbores, Renovatur in Flore)
  290. In Time of Silver Rain (In Tempus Argenti Pluvia)
  291. Lo, the Earth Awakens Again (Lo, et in Terra Suscitat Iterum)
  292. When the Daffodils Arrive (Cum Daffodils Pervenire)
  293. Spring Has Now Unwrapped the Flowers (Ver Habet Nunc Exfasciantur Flores)
  294. Oh Give Us Pleasure in the Flowers Today (O Det Nobis Voluptatem in Floribus Hodie)
  295. The Sweet June Days (Dulcis June Diebus)
  296. When the Summer Sun Is Shining (Cum Aestate Sol Est Lucens)
  297. We Sing Now Together (Cantamus Nunc Simul)
  298. Come, Ye Thankful People (Veni, O Grati Populus)
  299. Heap High the Farmer’s Wintry Hoard (Accumsan Summus Agricola ‘ Hibernas Hoard)
  300. In the Sprint With Plow and Harrow (In Concitus Cum Plow et Occo)
  301. All Beautiful the March of Days (Quae omnia bella la dierum)
  302. Angels, Assist to Sing (Angelis, Assiste postulantibus ut cantate)
  303. Eternal Wisdom, thee We Praise (Sapientia aeterna: Laudamus te)
  304. Seek Not Afar for Beauty (Forma enim non longe quaerere)
  305. All Things Bright and Beautiful (Splendida et omnia pulchra)

Music without Lyrics:

  1. Aqua Vitae – Future World Music
  2. Dream Chasers – Future World Music
  3. Passion of Victory – Future World Music
  4. A Hero Will Rise – Future World Music
  5. Victory of Life – Future World Music
  6. Reign of Vengeance – Future World Music
  7. New Beginnings – Future World Music
  8. Larger Than Life – Future World Music
  9. The Swashbuckler and Fair Maiden – Future World Music
  10. Anthem of the World – Future World Music
  11. Legion – Brand X Music
  12. World Without End – Brand X Music
  13. All or Nothing – Brand X Music
  14. Bring the Pain – Brand X Music
  15. Eventide – Brand X Music
  16. Zero Hour – Brand X Music
  17. Buccaneer Island – Brand X Music
  18. Infinitus – Brand X Music
  19. Battleborn – Brand X Music
  20. Spawn – Brand X Music
  21. Angels Among Demons – Really Slow Motion
  22. Suns and Stars – Really Slow Motion
  23. Other Worlds – Really Slow Motion
  24. The Awakening – Really Slow Motion
  25. Become A Legend – Really Slow Motion
  26. Sunder – Really Slow Motion
  27. Reborn – Really Slow Motion
  28. Free Run – Really Slow Motion
  29. White Galaxy – Really Slow Motion
  30. Evolving – Really Slow Motion
  31. Crusader of Glory – Erik Ekholm
  32. Dark Energy – Erik Ekholm
  33. Magnum Opus – Erik Ekholm
  34. When All Lights Go Out – Erik Ekholm
  35. Solar Breeze – Erik Ekholm
  36. Destroyed in Seconds – Erik Ekholm
  37. Renegade – Erik Ekholm
  38. Erased – Erik Ekholm
  39. Colossal – Erik Ekholm
  40. Levitate – Erik Ekholm
  41. Land of Confusion – Hidden Citizens
  42. I Ran – Hidden Citizens
  43. I Just Died in Your Arms – Hidden Citizens
  44. Silent Running – Hidden Citizens
  45. Aint No Grave – Hidden Citizens
  46. Another One Bites the Dust – Hidden Citizens
  47. Immortalized – Hidden Citizens
  48. Hazy Shade of Winter – Hidden Citizens
  49. Somebody’s Watching Me – Hidden Citizens
  50. Stay Alive – Hidden Citizens
  51. Strength to Believe – Epic Score
  52. Ride to Glory – Epic Score
  53. Liberators – Epic Score
  54. Creator of Worlds – Epic Score
  55. Blaze of Glory – Epic Score
  56. They Hit Without Warning – Epic Score
  57. Something to Believe In – Epic Score
  58. Time Will Remember Us – Epic Score
  59. They Fought As Legends – Epic Score
  60. Furious Retribution – Epic Score
  61. Nara – ES Posthumus
  62. Unstoppable – ES Posthumus
  63. Arise – ES Posthumus
  64. Pompeii – ES Posthumus
  65. Ebla – ES Posthumus
  66. Moonlight Sonata – ES Posthumus
  67. Cuzco – ES Posthumus
  68. Kuvera – ES Posthumus
  69. Kalki – ES Posthumus
  70. Vishnu – ES Posthumus
  71. The King of the Highlands – Antti Martikanen
  72. Elysion – Antti Martikanen
  73. To Valhalla! – Antti Martikanen
  74. Treacherous Waters – Antti Martikanen
  75. At the Journey’s End – Antti Martikanen
  76. The Lone Wanderer – Antti Martikanen
  77. Lords of Iron – Antti Martikanen
  78. The Forbidden City – Antti Martikanen
  79. Destination Tortuga – Antti Martikanen
  80. Rise to Asgard – Antti Martikanen
  81. After the Fall – Nick Phoenix
  82. Master of Shadows – Nick Phoenix
  83. 1000 Ships of the Underworld – Nick Phoenix
  84. Battleborne – Nick Phoenix
  85. False King – Nick Phoenix
  86. Stormkeeper – Nick Phoenix
  87. Fire Nation – Nick Phoenix
  88. Am I Not Human? – Nick Phoenix
  89. Infinite Legends – Nick Phoenix
  90. Everlasting – Nick Phoenix
  91. Heart of Courage – Thomas Bergersen
  92. Protectors of the Earth – Thomas Bergersen
  93. Strength of A Thousand Men – Thomas Bergersen
  94. Victory – Thomas Bergersen
  95. Archangel – Thomas Bergersen
  96. Blackheart – Thomas Bergersen
  97. Star Sky – Thomas Bergersen
  98. Dragon Rider – Thomas Bergersen
  99. To Glory – Thomas Bergersen
  100. Flight of the Silverbird – Thomas Bergersen
  101. Infinity – Imagine Music
  102. Doom – Imagine Music
  103. Descendants of Truth – Imagine Music
  104. Faster Than Light – Imagine Music
  105. Armored Angel – Imagine Music
  106. Leave Home – Imagine Music
  107. Inquisition – Imagine Music
  108. Until the End – Imagine Music
  109. Ice and Fire – Imagine Music
  110. Cosmic Vibration – Imagine Music
  111. Throw off the Bowlines – James Paget
  112. The Hero Within – James Paget
  113. Together as One – James Paget
  114. Believe – James Paget
  115. Rubicon – James Paget
  116. Look to the Skies – James Paget
  117. We Ride As One – James Paget
  118. We Will Come Back – James Paget
  119. Go Beyond – James Paget
  120. Pluto Reborn – James Paget
  121. Light From Darkness – City of the Fallen
  122. Seraphim – City of the Fallen
  123. Messiah – City of the Fallen
  124. Prince of Darkness – City of the Fallen
  125. Immortality – City of the Fallen
  126. Darkest Hour – City of the Fallen
  127. Ashes – City of the Fallen
  128. Forgiven – City of the Fallen
  129. As Wings Blot Out The Sun – City of the Fallen
  130. Eye of the Beholder – City of the Fallen
  131. Trace of Gravity – Mark Petrie
  132. Carpe Noctem – Mark Petrie
  133. Richat – Mark Petrie
  134. Nazca – Mark Petrie
  135. Beauty Within – Mark Petrie
  136. Abeyance – Mark Petrie
  137. Puma Punku – Mark Petrie
  138. Makalu – Mark Petrie
  139. Destiny Falls – Mark Petrie
  140. Where We Are – Mark Petrie
  141. The Future of Mankind – Audiofire
  142. No Going Back – Audiofire
  143. The New Frontier – Audiofire
  144. Into Orbit – Audiofire
  145. Galaxies – Audiofire
  146. Countdown – Audiofire
  147. Leaving Earth – Audiofire
  148. Beyond the Horizon – Audiofire
  149. Resolution – Audiofire
  150. Close to the End – Audiofire