Light the World

The General Presidency has released a statement to thank contributors for the charity vending machine donations made on Temple Square during the campaign this past season.

The four red charity vending machines were stocked with items that represented a specific donation and were placed in the Memorial Building on Temple Square.

Using credit cards, people could buy things like a goat or a chicken, socks, a new pair of school shoes, an eye exam, clean water, baby supplies, first aid kits, medication, and food.

After people selected and paid for their donated item, the machine vended the item into a bin at the bottom. These donations, and the money used to purchase them, were then distributed to charity partners.

The opportunity offered an instant, easy act of service. And by the end of the holidays, there were 23,000 total donations, reports the campaign paperwork. “The results were more than we ever imagined,” the organizer says. “The difference that you made is tremendous to every one of these recipients.”

Preparations are made to expand the service for the next season.

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