Ryan Hite

  • Behold, I say to you for now and forever to my son, the prophet of the divine plan. Do this translation according to what you desire from our plan. Our plan shall not cease to exist, but it may cease to be widely […]

  • I say to you for now and forever, my servant, the prophet. You shall have you faith and your honest heart, but that will not get you away from the things of the world. You will have knowledge of the ages of past, […]

  • Book of Actions pg 509 (Actions 5: 1-13 – page 426)
    On the next day, all the priests will gather in the city where the followers have come together. The priests supposedly have authority over spiritual matters, […]

  • The Continuum Conference is set to take place in about a week. This is the time of year when the Continuum, or the people and lists of the spiritual journey, are decided. The Continuum Conference gives an […]

  • The School of the Prophets 2016 Session took place over this past weekend. The School of the Prophets 2016 session took place with about 44 members and 20 members called Christs. At the same token, other […]

  • For someone like me, my mother is the most important person in my life. The reason for this lies beyond just having that motherly love, but, as a male, my mother is the primary source of femininity. This is […]

  • There are many misconceptions about prayer in the world. There are many people who do not know how to pray and it causes a great deal of pain to the world. When people do not know how to pray, they do not […]

  • I am officially announcing my first meeting for IUAEC tomorrow. Although this first meeting will be taking place at a public place, the meeting, as well as the next couple of meetings, will be taking place by a […]

  • Spiritual learning is a lifelong process. It requires a commitment and a lot of hard work, but the rewards are great in this life and in the next life. Spiritually, this process will help you with attaining the […]

  • Lo, and behold all of the things that I say to the angels for now and forever. O angel, O angel, come unto me and make your presence known throughout the earth. Listen to the prophet as he has listened to you. […]

  • Behold, I reveal to you the companions that you shall experience on your journey. The prophet shall have companions and they shall be called the angels. This line will be unbroken for many years. This fulfills the […]

  • Book of Actions pg 510 (Actions 5: 1-27 – page 427)
    The high priests of all the religions will rise up and they will be filled with jealousy because they know they have lied. They will lay hands upon all those […]

  • Behold, I reveal to you all the things that have been said and that are yet to be said. I reveal all of these things through my servant the prophet and his angels, who have revealed all the things of the journey […]

  • Now, behold, all of the marvelous work that I am giving to you. I will talk to you about the city of light that lies in the wilderness. Remember the great commandment to love yourself, to love those around you, […]

  • There are many topics around conservation and stewardship on the Earth. As humans, we should be champions of conservation and stewardship, just like we are the masters of changing the face of the world. Even for […]

  • The First Presidency is happy to announce that they will soon be releasing new translations of the Grand Epoch of Through Minds Eyes. The GETME New Translations are coming about as a result of requests for […]

  • The Plan of Salvation is the path that one must know and understand to make it to the light on earth. The Christs achieved this and they took on characteristics of divinity, but how did they get to that point? The […]

  • Book of Actions pg 508 (Actions 4:1-16 – page 425)
    You who rejected those that try to save you, they do not have any claim to absolute truth. You denied their holy one and you will not die because you have […]

  • There is a lot of strife and confusion when it comes to Epochalism and other religions. Epochalism and other religions have a long history and causes great confusion when people think of this movement as a cult or […]

  • A series of essays are going to be a part of the development of the philosophy of the Chancellate in the coming months. The essays will consist of many topics of the same nature and will address many of the […]

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