New Blog Series on The Provinces

With the change of the names of the seats of the Guardian Angels and the provinces becoming more defined, a new series will be posted in the coming months talking about the provinces and their meaning to the world regions that they are placed in. This topic was talked about and thought about at the beginning of the philosophy as the Guardian Angels were named, but they soon got off track without meaning. Now that they have been defined again, it is time for an explanation in preparation for the coming Conference of the Angels. It will set a benchmark for the future.

Sometimes, we go about with names without thinking about their meaning or the meaning being revealed. As the philosophy advances and matures, the names are more revealed and the meanings are also revealed. These will not be brought to the world. This will also set a benchmark with regards to any future expansion. Expansions will be revealed once per year at the Conference of the Angels in June. It is the goal of the philosophy to reveal one new thing at each event and to make these things known to the world. Philosophies are meant to mature as we mature as people and as a society to the transition of the age and the coming of the Christs.

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