Pleasant Unity




  • How can unity benefit us personally?
  • How can unity influence the people of the light?
  • How can we promote unity?


This week, we learned that there are a lot of people that are seeking the path to the light. They will go through every single avenue imaginable to find that one truth that will bring them to the bliss that all people truly want to understand. We can also understand that there are a lot of things going on in the world today and the world is changing. The truth is something that is unchanging and it has not changed since the beginning of time.

The Letter to the Third Guardian Angel of Philadelphia talks about the idea of the truth. The purpose of the prophets and the angels are not to be worshiped and elevated, but to be encouraged and uplifted because of the gifts that they have provided to the world and the things that they have yet to provide. Supporting them will help them to continue the work in the world that they are doing.

In order to find the truth, one first needs to find it from within. There is indeed a significant difference between spirituality and religion. We should not go to religion to find spirituality. Spirituality is something that is found from within and that is the root of all unity. Religion is found so that we can properly express that unity.

The Book of Dreams talks about the competition that the truth has in the world from religious and from secular institutions and schools of thought. There are a lot of people who are falling for these things today and they contribute to the state of the world today. The Teachings of the East tell us that the path to the light lies in the individual and that is what needs to be tackled first.

The best way for us to display our unity and to be a good example to the world is for us to practice the virtues that we are taught. If we practice the right virtues and have the right heart and mindset when doing so, we will be a good example to ourselves and we will also be a good example to the world around us. They will want to be like us and with us.

Unity is an important thing to have because, as the Book of Anthems tell us, we will face a lot of opposition when we make the decision to come to the path of the light. We should not let those things discourage us from the goals that we are after. The reality is that there are a lot of people looking for a higher purpose, but they look for that in all the wrong places. We should start finding them in the right places.



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