Plenary 2018

Theme Songs:

Theme Text: Don’t Lose Hope

Host Province: Medea

Date: January 26-28, 2018

City: Paris, France

Venue: U Arena


Day 1:

Music: It Sounds Along the Ages

Talk: We Must Not Give Up – Rayan Hebert

  • We should not give up in the face of opposition of the world.
  • There are a couple of things that we can employ to get rid of the bad things of the world.

Symposium: Continue to Spread the Word Throughout the World – Marilyn Steele

  • We should first be able to have the word manifest in our homes and in the ways in which we talk.
  • We should not be afraid to bring people under the fold in which we are bound and to help them to be more like us and the christs.
  • We should not be afraid to speak our minds and our hearts in public.

Talk: Delivering the People – Jazlynn Villareal

  • There are a lot of examples in the prophets concerning deliverance.
  • They are still the rule and the guide by which we should live in our lives to this day.
  • We should be a good example to those who look up to us and to those who do not yet look to us.

Music: Find a Stillness

Symposium: Enduring to the End – Lilly Hall

  • We should endure despite the harsh treatment that we get from the internal and the external.
  • We should endure despite those who are close to us and those who are far from us.
  • We should endure despite the the things that are inside us and those who are outside us.

Music: Hail the Glorious Golden City

Talk: Remember the Life Part 1 – Antonio Harvey

  • There are times in which we think are good but are actually times in which they are not.
  • How can we justify these times in our life to those that we knew in that life?

Talk: Qualities and Virtues – Rylee Hays

  • We should be able to hold to the virtues of our life.
  • We should be able to uphold these virtues to those who are around us.
  • We should have control over the bad things of our life so that we can come to a knowledge of the good things in our life.

Music: Tis a Gift to be Simple

Talk: Never Fail – Ellen Owen

  • We should not give up in our journey to be the most perfect that we can be.
  • The world will not support us in being perfect, but we can find people in the world to support us in being in that state of mind.
  • We should stand in the face of all those that we see to be the opposition.

Music: O Liberating Rose


Day 2:

Music: One More Step

Talk: The Supplier of Comfort – Elisa Ingram

  • We can find those as comfort as those who are a part of the class of the prophets and the Christs.
  • We can find a source of comfort in those who have come before us.
  • We can find a source of comfort in those who have come even after we will.

Symposium: Strong Families and Strong Societies – Isaac Weaver

  • We should not see the source of our society in those who are weak.
  • We look up too much to individuals and not enough to those who are a part of a society.
  • A strong family is the ultimate source of a strong society.

Talk: Do Not Give In – Malik Lara

  • We should not face the fear of those who oppose us.
  • There are a lot of people who are facing the state of the world in fear and there are not enough facing in love.
  • We should go forward in the face of love and that will bring us to a better life

Music: This Land of Bursting Sunrise

Symposium: The Christs and the Prophets – Janiah Pennington

  • There are a lot of Christs and prophets who have brought about a great many of things into the world.
  • Some of the most important things that they brought to the world are not the things that we can see and hear, but of the things that we feel.
  • The Christs are the inspirations to the prophets just as they should be for us.

Music: This is the Truth That Passes Understanding

Talk: Remember the Life Part 2 – Sarah Franklin

  • We should not look back on the past.
  • We should take the people and the experiences that we have now and bring them to the future.
  • We should use the past as a way to understand the future.

Talk: Endure from Creation – Antonio Harvey

  • Creation will teach us a lot about the life in which we see today.
  • The evolution of life has brought us to the place in which we are at today.
  • It is something that will continue with us and go into the future.

Music: This is the Truth That Passes Understanding

Talk: Young and Strong – Ashley Stevenson

  • We should show the strength of those who are young.
  • There are a lot of people who are faithful and who are young and we should take after their example and guidance as well.
  • The youth are the future and they should be the ones to be our example for all generations.

Music: When the Daffodils Arrive


Day 3:

Music: For The Beauty of the Earth

Talk: We Must Endure to the End – Savion Valdez

  • Enduring to the end is one of the most important tasks that we can undertake in our life.
  • Enduring to the end is a principle that we can have for all of the days of our life.
  • It is also something that we can bring to the light that permeates our life.

Symposium: Live in a Manner of Virtue – Gia Acevedo

  • We need to be a good example to the world by living in the virtues that we preach.
  • We also need to live in a manner that makes us transcend the bad things of the world.
  • We should not be afraid to go after that which is popular to go after the things that are right.

Talk: Don’t Lose Hope – Alana Rollins

  • In the face of opposition, we should not lose our hope in the good things that are to come.
  • The good things will outweigh the things that we are to lose in the world.
  • We should learn to be a bastion of the things that are good and not the things that are not good.

Music: Oh, Freedom

News: Sacraments Outlines – Rylee Vega

  • The sacraments, the holidays, and the hymns are almost complete. They constitute a large part of the parts of the website that are not yet complete. They are planned to be large complete by the end of the summer.

Music: Be That Guide

Talk: Remember the Life Part 3 – Giuliana Mayo

  • We should not dwell on the past.
  • We need to look to the future and understand that they are a part of the divine plan that we are all subject to.
  • The divine plan has been a part of our life since the beginning.

News: Classes Outlines – Dominique Baxter

  • The classes and the concordances are to start over the course of the summer of 2018. They will be completed after the initial blogs and pages of the holidays, sacraments, and hymns.

News: Holidays – Kolten Palmer

  • The holidays, the sacraments, and the hymns are to be complete over the rest of winter and to go into the spring before the other and final website projects are to be announced. After that point, the website will be updated peridocially besides the blogs at the beginning and the end of the weeks.

Music: A Fierce Unrest

Talk: It is Not Too Late – Ryan Hite

  • It is not too late to go after the good of the world.
  • The bad things of the world may seem overwhelming, but we can rise above it to be a good example no matter what circumstance we are in.
  • We can be a good example no matter what state we are in.

Music: What is This Life