Section 145


Potestas Sacerdotii

Date and Circumstances

Revelation given in 2014 concerning the power of the priesthood in the world today.


The provisions shall be set forth for those who seek the power and the position of the priesthood. Those who desire to be a part of the priesthood should have a good heart, are an earnest seeker of the light, and to acquire the proper education to take on the vows. The power of the priesthood comes with a lot of responsibilities that not all people are ready for. It also sets you in a class apart. The people of the world will look to you to be a good example. You should be one to embrace that and realize that there are a lot of things that you need to think about. This is something that has been established throughout the ages. All of the people of the world will have the opportunity to be ordained if they do meet the requirements set forth by them. This is something that will continue into all of the ages of the future. It is a requirement, but it is also a gift and a responsibility that not all people are ready for.