Praise the Plan

Text This Week

Dreams 26: 1-8 – page 147

You will be made an inspiration upon nations and you will raise your children who are righteous much like you have been. You will raise up one of your sons to take your place to pass on the fruits of the labors which you have produced. Nations will hear about your righteousness and they will take your son away so that they can teach your son the deceits the world. When you realize these things, you will lose hope, so you will make one of your other sons righteous. Your other son will be raised in righteousness and will be learned in the ways of those who are righteous. You will then send them out against the nations which took your first and everyone was terrified because of the righteousness. Patience went out against them, but they were caught in their own pits. Eventually, evil will overwhelm them, but they will have to learn on their own to conquer evil.

Treasures from the Word

  • The purpose of the divine plan is something that has been in motion and it is something that is still in motion.
  • We should learn about the divine plan, take it in righteousness, and then pass it on. That will also help to set us apart from the things of the world.
  • Life is a constant battle between good and evil and it is something that will start and end in the mind.

Spiritual Gems

  • How can we see the vision of the world for what it is in a good way?
  • How can we look at the divine plan and become a good example for these things?
  • What can we learn about the divine from the divine plan?


  • We should present ourselves to the world in a new way. It all begins with the mindset and how we should use that to teach our children and to be a good example to those around us. We will stand out and we will stand higher.

Living as Epochalists

  • We should value pure worship and study of the things that will bring us to the state of being of the heavens. We should strive to be a good example to all people. We should value the things that will take us there.
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