Progression 2018

Theme Songs:

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Host Province: Addaia Province

Date: March 10, 2018

City: Singapore, Singapore

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium


Event Details:

Song: This is My Song

Talk: The Law of the Divine – Alyssa Rios

  • The law of the divine was written for us from the beginning of time.
  • It is something that sprouted from the oldest of civilizations and the traditions continue to this day.

Talk: Love One Another – Sienna Glenn

  • The first and greatest of commandments is to love one another always.
  • We display our love through the example that we set.
  • The example that we set should be based on our virtues.

Announcement: Website Updates – Camille Rich

  • The website is going down to the last couple of major projects. These projects will take the longest amount of time, but it is something for us all to look forward to.

Song: Love Will Guide Us

Talk: Sowing to the Flesh – Brennan Harrison

  • There are a lot of people who are living for the things of the world.
  • The things of the world are temporary.
  • We can and should make the most of our life, but that does not mean that we should make the things of the world the only things that matter.
  • The things that come from the heavens will not only bring lasting happiness on the earth, but it will also give us a new and better example.

Song: Guide My Feet

Announcement: Calendar Reform – Leia Flowers

  • The calendar committee has been established and will explore the idea of coming up with a new calendar based on a new system of measurement. The process should take a little over a year to complete.

Talk: Do What is Fine – Eduardo Boone

  • We should strive to do good always.
  • We should take the path that is good and that will lead us to the light.

Talk: Sowing to the Spirit – Ashley Stevenson

  • We should have our gaze on the things of the spirit.
  • We should employ all of the things that have been taught by the stories of the Christs and the prophets.

Announcement: Angelic Teachings – Kasen Jones

  • Angelic Teachings is a book series that is forthcoming and will provide for short stories and teachings from the angels who are the major influence of the prophets and all throughout history.

Announcement: New Event Names – Alfred Beard

  • In 2020, six of the twelve events will have their names changed. These new names will be revealed when the schedule is announced.

Announcement: New Temples Finalists – Jude Kim

  • At the next event, a list of temples will be announced. Each province is tasked with coming up with one temple site within the boundaries of the province. The finalist sites are Dacono, Colorado, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Pasco, Washington, Orange County, California, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Austin, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, White Plains, New York, Indianapolis, Indiana, Oshawa, Canada, Panama City, Panama, Belem, Brazil, Barcelona, Spain, Gothenburg, Sweden, Kiev, Ukraine, Kampala, Rwanda, Madurai, India, Osaka, Japan, Central Coast, Australia

Song: For The Earth Forever Turning