Quote: The light of this world is not found in a place, but is found in the people. – TEAS 60:17

Major News: Technology will be an important part of the lives of the membership as well. A symposium on the new accounts will take place in the week leading up to the World Conference. Leaders from all over the world will start coming to the world headquarters to participate in the symposiums and other events leading up to the World Conference at the end of the month.

Major News: New missionary focus has resulted in the new tactics that are at the disposal of the missionaries. These new technologies will be announced at the upcoming World Conference event. Which will take place over two days and five sessions at the end of the month. A lot of news will be revealed coming up to the event.

Minor News: All of the significant events in the Chancel are in the place of the order of the liturgy for good reason. It is important that we always remember the covenant that we are a part of and that is something that will become more significant as the sacraments are completed.

Minor News: There are continuing changes coming to the mission field. Technology will begin to play a major role in the running of the chancel and more sources of media are being talked about being utilized to the fullest capacities.

Minor News: A symposium on the role of women in the chancel will take place next week at world headquarters as a part of the events leading up to the world conference. This world conference will be significant for the future success of the Chancel.

Updates: Progression has been all about placing our life on the right track. It has also been about the announcements of the new sites for the temple, proposed changes to event names and the calendar, and a new concept on the teachings of the angels. More details regarding many of these things are ongoing and we will see the fruits of this over the course of the year.


  • Life gets hard, but we should not let the hard times define where we are going. We should let them define who we are. – Alessandra Gill
  • Like running, there is a lot of joy with a big goal that you finally accomplish. It is not easy along the way, but it is worth the victory achieved at the end. – Justus Chaney
  • We need to buckle down to get any of the good things in life. Those things do not come easy. – Titus Cameron
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