Reunion 2017

Theme Songs:

Date: July 15, 2017

City: Boston, Massachusetts

Venue: Fenway Park


  1. New Seminaries
    1. 50 new seminaries are opening throughout the world. This will result in four per province, for a total of 80 seminaries. Over time, the idea is to have two seminaries per province. Closings have not yet been announced.
  2. New Temple and Province Assignments
    1. The new temples and province assignments have been posted to the master map. One of the biggest changes is the move of an entire province from northern Europe to Canada. This has balanced out the province areas between the old and the new world. About twenty temples have changed provinces. View the map on this website for details.
  3. To See The One
    1. It is said that seeing is believing. There are a lot of people who talk the talk, but not many that walk the walk. People look up to those who are taking action, not talking about action. We should be a people that takes action.
  4. Deep Learning
    1. There are a lot of benefits that come out of spiritual learning. When we learn by the spirit, the spirit will come into our life and we will have a better outlook of it. Knowledge is said to bring about a great deal of sadness, but it can also be an impetus for happiness. We should always have a compulsion to learn from the day that we are born to the day that we die.
  5. New Event Locations
    1. Plenary 2018: Madrid, Spain, Fireside: Sydney, Australia, Progression 2018: Singapore, World Conference 2018: Denver, Colorado, Fireside: San Francisco, California, Angel Conference 2018: Seattle, Washington, Reunion 2018: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Fireside: Cape Town, South Africa, Conference of the Prophets: Atlanta, Georgia, Semi Annual Conference 2018: Denver, Colorado, Fireside: Seoul, South Korea, DIFA 2018: Phoenix, Arizona
  6. Pure Joy
    1. There is a pure joy that will come out of the knowledge and the wisdom that we are able to obtain. This is one of the things that all of the Christs and all of the prophets desire of the people. We need to know, understand, and apply all of the things that we learn on a physical and spiritual level.
  7. Action and Power
    1. Actions done on behalf of the prophets and the Christs are the ones that gives them the most power. When we do actions, they speak louder than a thousand words do. We should let our actions guide our lives.
  8. Conversion
    1. Conversion is a process that takes a lot of time. It is a lifelong process. We should just go about and enjoy the journey that we are on. It is something that we should enjoy because we know that it is short and we do not know when that is something that ends. When our life ends, we do not get another chance to live in the same type of life.
  9. Beyond the Website: Media of the Future
    1. The website is just the beginning. There is a project in the works to work on eventually doing video, audio, and dramas of various types for Epochalism. There are also plans in place to eventually have publications in place. This is for the benefit of the people of the movement. However, it is not something that can be done by one. We are all called to contribute to the cause. Think on that. We all have a role to play in the world.