Section 174


Revelationes Mundi

Date and Circumstances

Revelation given in 2016 concerning the providing of revelations to all of the people of the world.


Lo and behold all of the things that I say for now and forever. The revelations of the world are passed on behalf of the world to those in the most power. However, the revelations that come to the president of the Chancel need to be confirmed by all of those in power that it concerns. Even so, not all revelations are given to all people at the same time. Not all of the revelations are given to the world at the same time. They are given according to the needs of the people. This is something that has been seen throughout the history of the world. It is something that continues to this day through the School of the Prophets. These revelations will be passed down through the generations. A revelation cannot be recalled, except by the power of the divine and the confirmation of all the people involved. This is something that has been laid out through all of the systems of the world. These shall be in force in perpetuity. So let it be done.