Secondary Continuum

The Secondary Continuum consists of those who support the Primary Continuum. Many of them have been considered for the position, but they have been taken out because of their relative lack of importance when compared to the Primary and the Continuing Lists. They are elected in much the same way that the other lists have been. It is highly subjective to the life of the founder, but it is something that we can all take a page from. The biggest difference is that they, in of themselves, do not teach something that is profound to the life of the founder. Here is a list of the Secondary Continuum as of June 2017:

  1. AK
  2. SS
  3. MM
  4. AH
  5. EM
  6. HM
  7. ΣΦ
  8. BE
  9. AO
  10. KΣO
  11. ΓΦ
  12. ΔA
  13. ΘΦ
  14. KB
  15. ΛΓ
  16. EN
  17. ΓΛ
  18. ΘN
  19. ΘK
  20. AM
  21. AN
  22. AMN
  23. ΛT
  24. ΛΣ
  25. AN
  26. EB
  27. ΛΔ
  28. ΛΘ
  29. FK
  30. MM
  31. KB
  32. ΒΘ