Section 186

Name: Espiritu Humilitatis

Date and Circumstances: In 2018, with all of the divisions that face the world today, the leadership stated that there needs to be unity and peace in transition between different governments and leaderships.


Lo and behold all of the things I say for now and forever. There is a lot of division in the world today and it is made only worse because of the nationalism that faces this world. When one government wins over the other in fair and free democracies, we should treat the transition as such. We should place trust in the fairness of the democratic process and it should be maintained through a system of checks and balances. Leaders should be held in the same standards that were set forth from the beginning of time. We should hold them to these standards to be the same. This has been the same now and it shall remain so forever. The systems have been set and we should see that the systems are in no way destroyed if they work to the best of the abilities of all people.