Semi-Annual Conference 2017

Theme Songs:

Theme Text:

Lo and behold all of the things that are said for now and forever.

Host Province:

Laodicea Province

Date: September 29th-October 1st


Chicago, Illinois


Allstate Arena


Friday Night Session:

  1. Turn on the Light
    1. We should turn on the light and be available for all of the knowledge that can be given to us. We should not discount the things that have been given to us. There is a lot of knowledge and wisdom that can be found in accepting the things of spirituality.
  2. Abide in the Good
    1. There is a good and there is a bad in the world. We need to make a choice to choose the good. We are given the freedom to choose and we only have a few chances to make the right decisions. Make the ones that are good and right to make.
  3. Value in the Covenant
    1. There is a lot of value that can be found in the covenant should we choose to make it a part of our life. When we choose the covenant, we choose to think about the covenant and how it will be a part of our life. It is something that we are bound to. It is something that we teach to our posterity. It is something that we are pressured to live every day.
  4. The Parable of the Good Sisters
    1. Every family will have good and will have bad. We should accept all people no matter where they are at in life. We are all in different places and we will all come to our own discovery. This is something that will help us to be better people and it may bring some of the ones who stray back.
  5. Updates on the Website
    1. The website is about 70% completed. We are actively working to get the main parts of the site done and we will be working out all of the details in 2018 and beyond.

Saturday Morning Session:

  1. The Call to Heaven
    1. We are all called to heaven at some point. We do not know that we are going to die at some point in time, but we do not know when that is going to happen to us. We should take the time that we do have on earth to make the most of it.
  2. The Heart of Service
    1. Service is at the heart at all we do. The heart of our life should be service to others. It is one of the great rules for the life of the Christs. It is one of the great commandments of the Christs as well. We should love our neighbors like we do ourselves.
  3. Understand the Divine Plan
    1. The divine plan is something that has been laid out in the beginning and it is something that continues to do well to this day. It is something that we need to understand. It is not something that we seek to change.
  4. The Plan for You
    1. There is a plan that was laid out by the divine that was just built for you. We should all discover all that our divine plan has had for us.
  5. The Bread of Life
    1. The Christs talked a lot about how they have been the bread of life. Life throws a lot of things at us, but there are a lot of things that are consistent as well. We should take the time to be consistent in our health and our spirituality.
  6. Be Therefore Perfect
    1. The Christs talked about being perfect. We are not perfect and we will never get to a point that we are perfect. There is always something else that we have to do. Enjoy the journey and not the destination.
  7. World Map Updates
    1. As of this day, there are no updates to the World Map.

Saturday Afternoon Session:

  1. Humility
    1. Humility is one of the most important of the virtues that we have. Humility is the start of a spiritual life. Humility is the opposite of the vice of pride, which is one of the hardest ones to get over.
  2. Winning in Life
    1. We do not always win the game of life. Sometimes we are dealt a hard hand. When we go through trials, we are defined by how we get through them. This is one of the only things that we live our lives by and it is one of the only things that we are remembered for.
  3. Equality
    1. There are a lot of things that will help us to feel equal. We need to remember that we are a part of human family and we need to forget all of the things that divide us.
  4. The Unfolding of Events
    1. Events are happening that may signal the end of the world. We do not know the day and the time that the world is to change, but we do know that it is coming and it is something that happened before. History is cyclical and it is linear.
  5. Find the Blessings
    1. Sometimes the blessings are hard to find. We need to find the blessings as they come to us. The blessings of the world will come to us if we try to make them. We just need to live life and the blessings that we need will find us.
  6. The Canons Significance
    1. The canons are some of the most important documents in history. It tells a story of the Christs and the prophets that will help us to learn and apply the teachings and lessons of the Christs.
  7. Reports of the Chancel
    1. The reports of the Chancel have been read and details of the reports will be released as soon as they are available.

Saturday Night Session:

  1. Conferring the Priesthood
    1. The priesthood is not something that can be taken with a gain of salt. A priesthood is a calling and it is a class. It is something that can only be given and accepted by those who heed their calling. We should all find our calling. Do not settle with something less than what you are being called to.
  2. The Aquarian Commandments
    1. The Aquarian Commandments are the core of the covenant. These statements are simple and they can be interpreted and applied in many ways. However, these statements are also powerful enough to guide millions of people and will continue to guide people for generations to come.
  3. Great People
    1. There are a lot of great people in the world. Not all of them are good examples. We should look to those who do what is right because it is the right thing to do. We should not look to those who do right for the purposes of our own media.
  4. Healing in All Ways
    1. A lot of us need healing in many ways. Sometimes, we need physical help and mental help. We also need emotional and spiritual help. All of these things need to be tackled in different ways. Look to what is paining you the most and do what you can to help find that healing.
  5. Chancel Leadership
    1. The leadership of the Chancel has given their reports for the year and the details of these events will be released as they are allowed and needed.

Sunday Morning Session:

  1. Lasting Joy
    1. There is a lasting joy that can be found when we know what we are and who we are. The sense and the journey of discovery is one that should be taken with joy.
  2. Divine Intervention
    1. We do not know all of the details of divine intervention and we do not understand all of the semantics of it. Sometimes, it is okay to say that we do not know. It is okay for some of the things of the world to be unknown. That should not stop us from continuing to discover.
  3. Keep Your Own Covenant
    1. We should be the keepers of our own covenant. We should not tell other people of the covenant and force them to follow in this covenant. We should be a teacher and a leader by example, not a soldier and a king.
  4. Unexpected Paths
    1. Life will sometimes take us in paths that we do not expect. That does not mean that we give up, but that means we need to change our game plan. That is the essence of life. Life is not a path that is easy to get through. There will be some bumps and forks along the way.
  5. Look Through the Minds Eye
    1. Looking through the Eye of the Mind is the essence of the Primary Canon. We need to look at the world around us and the very nature of our life in a new way and that will help us to find that there is more to life than meets the eye.
  6. The Power of the Book
    1. There is a lot of power that can come from reading from the wisdom throughout the ages. There is an entire library that is available to us and we should come to understand the power that the writings of endless knowledge and wisdom provide to all of us.
  7. New Class Curriculum
    1. Starting in 2018, the new curriculum of the classes of IUAEC will be available. Classes will start to be given in many details. The hope is that all will come to understand and appreciate all of the deeper things of Epochalism.

Sunday Afternoon Session:

  1. The Trek Continues
    1. We all have a hard life. Life was never meant to be easy. It is something that we all have to deal with at some point in our life. We should take up the trek and we can do a lot of things to deal with whatever comes our way.
  2. Trials and Triumphs
    1. All of us will go through trials and triumphs in our life. It is about what we will make of these challenges that come in our life. We should take these challenges and learn from those experiences. From those experiences, we can learn new things that will help us to be better.
  3. Be As One Voice
    1. We are all individuals and we all make our own choices. However, we should be as one voice. The voice of unity that we raise as a group is something that can be heard throughout the world.
  4. Words and Application
    1. It is not enough just to read and believe the words. In order to be true and good Epochalists, we should apply the teachings that are given to us. It is something that we hold to be true, but we will sway more people by our actions rather than our words.
  5. Uncomfortable Times
    1. All of us will have to make uncomfortable choices in our life at some point. We should make sure that the choices we make are good and that we help people to understand and appreciate the choices, even if they are not something that we agree with.
  6. I See Visions
    1. There are visions that all of us will experience at some point in our life. They are visions that come to make decisions on the major life choices that determine the path that we take. Visions will come to us in the most unusual of times, but they will come at times when we need it the most and it will help us to get through rough times in life.
  7. Misinformation
    1. There is a lot of misinformation in the world today. We should take the time to determine what information is good and what is not good. When we are living in a spiritual existence, we will come to know better what the good and the bad things are.
  8. The True Impact of The Commandments
    1. When we think of commandments, we think of rules. However, commandments are guides that all of us should be able to follow easily based on where we are at culturally. The rules are easy to be able to follow and they will lead us down the path that will lead us to the light. Why, then, is it so hard for a lot of people?
  9. The Message Here
    1. We should all heed the messages of the conferences. They are meant to help us to be guides and they should be taken to heart. Not only should we read them and hear them, but we should also understand them by applying them.