Temple Blessings

In addition to stories of faith and conversion, personal journals and volumes of history contain stories of the Australian’s temple faithfulness and the extreme measures required to go to the temple to perform many of the higher sacraments.

For many across the massive country, getting to the temple has required great sacrifices of time, money, and personal comfort. And yet, as one said of being sealed to his wife and children: “It was worth it.”

With missionaries first arriving and the first branch established two years later, Australia, in less time, now claims nearly 1.4 million members, 35 missions, and nearly 2,100 congregations in a size about the United States

Until recently, the nation was without a temple, and for the years following, it had only one, the Sydney Temple, to serve the entire country.

As a result, many from throughout Australia faced considerable challenges in distance, time, and money to travel to do ordinances for themselves.

Temples around the country have come and some are under consideration.

Most in Australia have a temple caravan story to share, either one they’ve heard or one of their own. The stories detail uncomfortable multi-day trips, costs ranging from bus fares to lodging, taking time off for the extended travel, and packing a combination of clothes and money for the duration.

And the larger the family, the larger the challenges.

Distances are still great in some cases, especially in the nation’s interior. Right now, the Brisbane district is comprised of many stakes, one of the Chancel’s largest number of stakes in a single temple district, one said.

For the many in some of the most remote areas of the world, the statement of the president to build more temples in many areas was, and still is, a dream for them.

Until then, they will sacrifice their earthly possessions in order to lay up temple and spiritual treasures, no matter the time, distance, or travel required.

“I want you to know something. I love the temple. I love it with all my heart,” one member says.

“I would want to die at the temple if I could. It’s everything that I dream of, which is to be in the temple.”

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