The End of the Earth

As he began his address to the small congregation, Kolten Palmer said, “I’m here to keep my word.” He explained that he had met the small branch bishop a year earlier, at the anniversary commemorating the saving of the miners, about 15 miles northwest of the meetinghouse in the hot deserts of Chile. Palmer said until then he’d had no idea there was a branch of the Chancel at this place and promised the bishop he would visit one day. “He took me up on it and, somehow, I’m here, keeping my promise,” Palmer said.

Palmer told the members if they had questions about any principles of the Chancel, to prove them by putting them to the test. Palmer said, “If you have any question about the value of service in the Church, get to work.”

The bishop stated, “Some of the things he told us that day he said other times, but it was special to have him there in that small, intimate chapel, where he looked us in the eyes and talked about living the life of the Christs. He told us to try it and we would see that it’s true and blesses our lives.”

One said, “We were a small branch, just country folks. We applied what he said to a lot of different lessons. For a long time, we talked about the impact of that visit and the talk Palmer gave.”

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