The World Tour

Quote: Grace from the creator and grace from the spirit and the heavens is given freely to those who believe that they will be given great blessings. – TEAS 51:2

Major News: The Board of Bishops are to make a trip through South Asia in preparation for the Progression event to take place in Singapore. They will all travel in a group to Delhi, India to speak there and then will split up into seven groups of about 20-25 people each to places around India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and will all end up in Singapore for the event.

Major News: Talks have been established for the Progression event in Singapore. Speakers have not been selected for the talks, but it is rumored that it will largely make up the Board of Bishops, who will complete their South Asian tour there.

Minor News: A statement has been released following the school shooting in Parkland. IUAEC called on the community to come together in solidarity and support of those who have lost loved ones. The statement also called on leaders around the country to step up and deal with the crisis around gun control laws in a sensible manner.

Minor News: The Olympics are wrapping up in South Korea. A statement was released congratulating those who have won and those who have participated in the events. It also wished safe travels to those who are leaving the country and going back home in the coming days.

Minor News: Ashley Stevenson, second counselor in the presidency, spoke recently to a group of young people about the realities of suicide. It is something that impacts young people the most. It is one of the missions of IUAEC to help bring down the rate of suicide among young people through good example and education.

Updates: All of us at IUAEC are saddened to hear about the continuing earthquakes affecting the people of Mexico. All members are encouraged to donate of their time and resources to those who are in the most need.


  • We should make the most of the callings that we have in life. It is the only life that we are guaranteed. We do not know the day of our last breath. Live that day with purpose – Maddison Osborn
  • More support should be given to the troops of armies all around the world. They are not the ones who make the political moves. They go in, do their mission, and accomplish that mission. That is the attitude we should all have with life. We should go in, do what we need to do, and then accomplish it. – Frederick Duke
  • We should make daily study of the canons a part of our life. We will gain knowledge, wisdom, purpose, and life when we engage with the words and bring them to action. – Hudson Cooper
  • All off us have a purpose in life. We should engage with our wider society. There is a place waiting there for indeed all of us. – Charlee Bean
  • We should all make service to others and to the cause the core of our life and of our spirituality. – Tiana Sanchez
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