World Conference 2018

Theme Songs:

Theme Text: Let us come to empower all people in the world

Host Province: Roma Province

Date: March 31 – April 1

City: Denver, CO

Venue: Conference Center at Temple Square



Session: Saturday Morning

Song: Building A New Way

Announcement: Pageants – Ellen Owen

  • Each of the Provinces will perform a pageant in accordance with the patron angel of the province. They are to take place at the head temple of each of the provinces.
  • These pageants will take place starting the summer of 2019.
  • This summer, the pageants will be in production and venues will be secured.

Talk: Precious Gifts from the Divine – Marilyn Steele

  1. The Divine has provided us with a lot of good gifts that we can use.
  2. There are many people in the world that do not use the gifts that they have been given.
  3. We should remember that there are a lot of people that do not use the gifts that they have been given.
  4. These gifts are given to those who want to walk in the path of the Christs and they want to use them fully.

Song: Creative Love, Our Thanks We Give

Talk: A Child of the Divine – Koen DeLeon

  1. We are all a child of the divine plan.
  2. We need to conform our ways with the ways of the divine plan.
  3. We are a small part of the plan and that is something that should not hinder our progress.

Talk: Forgiveness – Rylee Vega

  1. We should seek forgiveness and we should be in a place where we are forgiven.
  2. It is one of the main purposes of the Christs.
  3. We should always ask for forgiveness and we should be among those who freely forgive.

Talk: The Heart of a Prophet – Malik Lara

  1. The prophet is someone who serves as a mouthpiece of the truth.
  2. It is important that we have a council of prophets representing religions around the world.
  3. The seat is pure, but the seat is run by people who have their own agendas as well.

Song: What is this Life

Announcement: Missionaries – Joe Bauer

  • Mission fields have been consolidated into new locations with an emphasis on technology and other service oriented work.
  • Each province will have a designated center of calling for people to inquire about the movement. They will be located near the head temple of the provinces.
  • These will also be centers of translation and communication.

Talk: Seventy times Seven – Rylee Hays

  1. We should be unconditional with love and forgiveness.
  2. The Christs stressed love and forgiveness as one of their biggest qualities.

Talk: Humility – Elisa Ingram

  1. Humility is one of the best virtues that we can have in our life.
  2. We should live our life with the heart of a humble person.
  3. Being humble will bring their own share of blessings.

Song: Fire of Commitment


Session: Saturday Afternoon

Song: This Old World

Announcement: Temple Purpose – Leon Henry

  • Temples are not only places of ceremony, but places of administration as well.
  • The head temples will continue to be developed into regional centers much like the head temple.
  • They will play host to events in the future.

Talk: Meek and Lowly – Dwayne Moon

  1. The Christs said that the meek will inherit the earth.
  2. We should support and build up those who are meek in the physical world.
  3. We should have the heart of those who are meek, as that will lead us to practicing the virtues that we hold so dear.

Song: O Light of Life

Talk: One More Day – Rayan Hebert

  1. We should take on each task one day at a time.
  2. Life is short, but days do not need to be short.
  3. We should take advantage of the life that we have. It is short, but the days are long and full of possibility.

Talk: The Ordinances – Alana Rollins

  1. There may seem to be a lot of sacraments that we need to practice, but they are all important.
  2. We should pursue the practice and application of the sacraments all of the days of our life.
  3. The sacraments are available for our benefit. We do not need to be the best person and to take the sacraments to be a good epochalist.
  4. The sacraments are there for our benefit and the benefit of the community.

Talk: Teaching in the Home – Janiah Pennington

  1. The best teaching is the teaching that starts at home.
  2. We should do all that we can to encourage the teaching of the good things at home.
  3. There are a lot of bad things that also start in the home.

Song: For The Beauty of the Earth

Announcement: Finances – Ellen Owen

  • Financial and statistical information will be available on a yearly basis online.
  • They will no longer be a part of the normal administration of the conference.

Talk: The Work in the Temples – Maximo Garza

  1. The temples are an important place of administration and spiritual work.
  2. There are a lot of people who will take a lot of time to get to the temples to get the work done.
  3. There are a lot of resources that we can get access to by visiting and meeting with people in this temple.

Talk: To the Young – Ashley Stevenson

  1. Young people are important to the work of the Chancel.
  2. We should do all that we can to make sure that young people have access to the resources that they need.
  3. We should learn as much as we can and be the best person that we can be while we are young so we can enjoy the benefits later.

Song: Every Time I Feel The Spirit


Session: Saturday Evening

Song: Let There Be Light

Announcement: Calendar Reform – Kolten Palmer

  • It has been proposed that the calendar falls in line with the procession of the equinoxes and solstices, with the new year being around March 21.
  • All of the magazines will be a part of this new cycle.
  • The actual reform, if any are taken, will not take effect until 2020.

Talk: The Quorum – Giuliana Mayo

  1. It is encouraged that people of certain age and sex get together on a weekly basis to see what they can do to cater to the needs of the community.
  2. A perfect quorum will have all of the needs and the resources to give of their time and resources to those who are in the most need.
  3. Each ward and stake will have their own needs depending on the community that they are in.

Song: Over My Head

Talk: A Royal Army – Savion Valdez

  1. We should band together like that of a royal army.
  2. The army of the city of light is against those of the wilderness of the world.

Talk: Ministering – Alana Rollins

  1. We should all be in a position of being a minister.
  2. We should see the needs of our community and to meet those needs with the help of those around us.
  3. There is more strength with being together than being alone.

Talk: Power of the Priesthood – Jazlynn Villareal

  1. The priesthood is called apart from the laypeople of the world.
  2. We should do all that we can to support the efforts of the priesthood.
  3. While the priesthood can do a lot, there are a lot of things that they may require our help with.

Song: Love Will Guide Us

Announcement: Angelic Teachings – Sarah Franklin

  • The Angelic Teachings are a new set of classes to take place over the course of the year as people see fit to take them.
  • They will also be introduced as a new set of books to be released in the future.

Talk: The Spiritual Guide – Joe Bauer

  1. We all have a spiritual guide in our life that will bring us to the path of the truth.
  2. This has been demonstrated by the angels who ministered to the prophets and the Christs.
  3. We should find the angels in our own life and we should use them as the rule and guide to our future.
  4. We should also look to the words of the Christs, prophets, and angels to be our guide as well.

Talk: Power and Authority – Ryan Hite

  1. We have power and authority over the decisions that we make in our life.
  2. We should not let the things of the world and the people of the world have any power over our life.
  3. Let the decisions we make be the final decisions. Be confident in those decisions.
  4. Do not let other people dictate what you can and cannot do in life.

Song: Here in the Flesh


Session: Sunday Morning

Song: Morning So Fair To See

Announcement: New Events – Rylee Vega

  • Progression will change their name in 2020
  • Angel Conference will change their name in 2020
  • Conference of the Prophets will change their name in 2020
  • DIFA will change their name in 2020
  • The Conferences will change their names in 2020. The purpose will not change

Talk: With One Accord – Rylee Hays

  1. We should be united in our purpose in life.
  2. Unity is one of the most important virtues that we can practice.
  3. We may not always be in agreement as individuals, but we should focus on the things that bring us together, not tear us apart.

Song: Ubi Caritas

Talk: Pure Love – Kolten Palmer

  1. Love is the core emotion of the Christs and it should also be one of our core emotions as well.
  2. We should constantly be in the practice of pure love.
  3. Love will lead us to the virtues. Fear will lead us to the vices.

Talk: Endure to the End – Rayan Hebert

  1. One of the most important principles that we are to have is the ability to endure to the end.
  2. The new age is in transition, but it will take hundreds of years for it to be fully realized.
  3. We should hope for the things to come, but we should also be mindful of the world that we are in now.

Talk: The Spirit With You- Gia Acevedo

  1. We should make sure that the spirit is with us always.
  2. The spiritual should be one of the core things that we think about in our life along with the humanity.
  3. Religion is an offshoot of spirituality.

Song: Abide With Me

Announcement: History Project – Issac Weaver

  • A historical set of diaries will be in process starting in 2019.
  • They will be associated with classes a couple of years after that.

Talk: Small and Simple Things – Ellen Owen

  1. The things that we do not think about are the things that will mean the most to us.
  2. We should focus on the small and simple things to make sure that we are in a position to think about the important things.
  3. Be happy with the bare essentials, for those things will also be the ones that should be most important to us.

Announcement: Changes to Classes – Ashley Stevenson

  • The classes and the concordances are the last part of the website to be completed.
  • A major change in classes will take place in accordance with the change in the website.

Song: Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee


Session: Sunday Afternoon

Song: Shall We Gather At The River

Announcement: New Temples – Dominique Baxter

  • New temple districts are being announced. They are in the following locations:
    • Dacono, Colorado
    • Indianapolis, Indiana
    • Belem, Brazil
    • Panama City, Panama
    • Madurai, India
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Central Coast, Australia

Talk: Revelation – Giuliana Mayo

  1. Revelation is something that is available to all of us according to our level of responsibility.
  2. We should all seek out and find the answers to the questions and concerns that we have in the conduct of our life.

Song: Be Thou My Vision

Talk: Power of the Spirit – Lilly Hall

  1. The spirit of the divine plan has a lot of power that we should take advantage of.
  2. Tap in to the power of the spirit by employing the gifts that have been provided to us.

Talk: The Spirit of the Christs – Leon Henry

  1. The Christs have had some of the strongest spirits on the face of the earth.
  2. We should have a spirit that is like that of the Christs.
  3. Let the teachings and the examples of the Christs teach us how to be more like them.

Talk: It is about People – Jaylynn Rowland

  1. We should go through life with the love of self and the love of others.
  2. The divine plan is about the people who take part in the plan.
  3. We are not perfect, but we are given all of the resources that we need to make sure that we are in the best position of success.

Song: Circle Round For Freedom

Announcement: Teaching in the Home – Jasiah Dickerson

  • Changes will take place in the teaching program of the Chancel.
  • The teaching will primarily take place in the home and the entire family will take a part in the program.

Talk: Meet With God – Marilyn Steele

  1. We should be prepared to meet with the people who are the best representatives of the divine in our life.
  2. We should be the best example of the divine plan that we know.
  3. This meeting with the divine will culminate in the return of the Christs and the beginning of the new age..

Talk: Strengthen Yourself – Ryan Hite

  1. We should constantly be on the lookout to find strength in our life.
  2. We have more physical strength than we may know, but what about spiritual strength?
  3. We should strive to have a strong sense of the spiritual if we are to look to the Christs as an example. It will also help us to be a good example to the world. That is the Epochalist way.

Song: Step By Step the Longest March