Avoid Deception, Build Confidence

“The defining challenge of our day is to discern, obey, and defend truth,” said Rayan Hebert of the Internal Affairs Ministry.

“This is not a small thing, for only the truth, a pure knowledge of things as they really are, that will make us free and lead us to happiness now and in eternity,” he added.

Hebert warned of the deceit of self-confidence, and spoke of developing a confidence based on trusting in the Divine Plan.

“If self-confidence is so critical to a happy life, why don’t I find any sermons on it in the canons?” he asked. “Why have they not told us how important self-confidence is and given guidance on how to build our self-confidence?”

“These examples barely scratch the surface of this prominent theme,” he stated. “Time after time, remarkable accomplishments have been achieved by weak and simple people who trusted their power over their own.”

Hebert shared three lessons to help individuals avoid deception and build their confidence every day.

  1. Feast on and obey the importance of the Canons.

“It is the iron rod, composed of the canons, the words of living prophets, and the whisperings of the spirit, that enables us to navigate safely through the mists of darkness which permeate our world. Letting go for even a moment makes us vulnerable to the subtle and pervasive deceits of the philosophies of men.”

  1. Live in thanksgiving daily.

“When we ‘always remember,’ we see the plan as the source of all that is good, ‘the foundation of all righteousness,’ and we feel gratitude for every blessing, opportunity, challenge and gift we receive. When we willingly recognize the source of our blessings, our confidence increases.”

  1. Forget yourself and serve others.

“Central to the great plan of the world is a focus on self, including self-confidence. The great plan of the divine, in contrast, teaches that the only way we actually find ourselves and true happiness is to lose ourselves in the service of others. I invite you to pray daily for and act on opportunities to serve others.”

During his remarks, Hebert encouraged courage and offered hope to students as they embarked on their next part of life.

This is a “time of much darkness, but also much greater light,” he stated.

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