Be Courageous

Text This Week

Teachings of the East 11: 1-19 – page 346-347

All of the people of the world are in search of a better way of life even if they do not realize. They find many outlets by which to receive a better life, most of which only counts consists of temporary pleasure and do not bring everlasting happiness. They let things of the world get to them just as they receive things of the world trying to seek happiness. They shall fail because they failed to find happiness. Do not do certain things to yourself and do not put your life in danger because it does not bring you happiness. Do not seek to be free from the world or to escape the world because the world should be embraced. The world should be embraced because there are people in the world needs saving and you could be the instruments of their salvation. You could be the one to help them to realize that they can save themselves from the world. Your life has a purpose, and if you escape from the world your purpose will not be fulfilled. You must embrace the world because the world is the only thing you have in life. If you do not live in the world, then you will not have life. Do not be of the world, but be in the world. Do not be lonely in life and not like the constant of going through your life. Whoever takes the world as it is and takes life as it comes for it comes to the end, all things will be to your advantage. Be tranquil in the mind even if your body passes away. Your life is a constant struggle in the battle between life and death. If you follow the one who is enlightens and follow their lives and learn of their lives, then you shall have a good life. Your life will be fulfillment and full of triumphs, but it will also be full of pain and suffering. Learn to live through it and you will see the light at the end of your time.

Treasures from the Word

  • Sacrifices are meaningless to the divine plan if they do not also follow through with the things that they claim to preach.
  • The requirements of the divine plan are things that are reasonable.

Spiritual Gems

  • How are these words applicable to us today?
  • How should we apply the words of the divine to our everyday lives?
  • What can we learn about the divine plan by learning more about this topic?
  • What can we learn about the topic from the other readings for this week?


  • We should not only teach the truth, but we should also be examples of the truth. It is something that we should keep in mind for all of the ways of our life.

Living as Epochalists

  • We do not know what the future holds for our lives or for the lives of all those around us. We should not focus on all of those lives. We should focus on our own life and being the best versions of ourselves.
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