Be Responsible

In a conference address, the first presidency called on the people of the world to be responsible for their own actions in life. When things go bad, there is really nobody to blame in the world but yourself. When things go good, it does not come on the actions of yourself alone. We should be responsible for being ourselves and defining our own life.

This devotional took place leading up to the conference of the prophets. During the address, the people were called to trust in the divine plan and to be responsible for the actions of their own life. We will be tempted from all sides by the world to get away from the things that will lead us to the heavens.

Even though we have agency in our life to do what is right or wrong, we need to choose wisely because our decisions will guide the nature of our entire life. This is something that many still fail to understand.

When it all comes down to it, the divine plan is perfect and we should look for guidance so that we are on the right path as well. We need to take control of our own life and we need to make sure that the decisions that we make will lift us up and make us into the best versions of ourselves.

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