Building Bridges

Savion Velez, the Minister of Justice, was just a short way away from one of the oldest cemeteries in the city, full of the immigrant spirit of the west entombing everyone from cowboys to congressmen. Seated in front of him were plenty of 21st-century immigrants who were claiming their place among the ongoing and unbroken chain connecting people from all places and cultures.

immigrants hail from diverse places and backgrounds, said Velez, in his speech put on by the cemetery association. Velez’s own family come from various Latin and European countries.

The Velez’s may have different ancestral backgrounds, but their respective families found their new homes in the right place and at the right time. It is a good time to reflect on the various types of immigrants in today’s society.

There are many people who have always been here, there are some people who emigrated to the country from China and Europe, and there are still immigrants coming today.

And don’t forget the type of immigrant that “we most celebrate and that we most hope we can each be,” said Velez.

“This kind of immigrant not only crosses the vast distances of the past, but this kind of immigrant goes the distance, the short distance. This kind of immigrant crosses any wall of separation to build bridges of understanding, compassion, friendliness, and good neighborliness. Look for those who still need a helping hand. Who need a friendly smile. Who sometimes need some help,” reflecting on Velez’s own family experiences in recent years.

It’s important that all remember their heritage with gratitude. “We should always offer a warm smile and a genuine, open hand to those who come from every nation, family, and tongue and every state of heart, body, and sense of hope.”

Velez closed with, “We honor every immigrant from the past, present, and future. We are all part of the same heritage of humanity.”

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