Called as Witnesses

Just before Christmastide, Antonio Harvey attended a program with a group of young people. Amid the crowd, Harvey and his family found a place to sit and were settling in when the director of the program approached Harvey and asked if he would say a word or two.

Harvey stood with the intent to welcome the guests and wish them a wonderful night. But as he looked across the restless crowd and school band, the words of his apostolic ordination came to mind.

Harvey said at that moment he knew his charge was clear. He said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot miss this opportunity with it being the season of the rebirth to bear witness of the name and the ministry of the Christs.”

The Executive Ministries, working under the direction of the First Presidency, are commissioned to preach the good news to all the world. This commission has been the same for all ages, even with the changes that we see in the world. “We are not administrators first, we are witnesses first.”

“We want even the most distant unit of this Chancel, geographically speaking, to feel that there is a very close link between them and the government in the United States,” Harvey said. “It is often said, ‘The Chancel makes a very small world of it.’ In the case of apostolic contact, we hope that is always so.”

Being part of a traveling group from time to time is a sacred experience, said Harvey. “When we bear testimony, that testimony goes into the heart of the people, in part, because of our ordination.”

Sometimes that enormous responsibility weighs heavily upon the soul, especially when traveling to a new culture and teaching in a foreign language.

Issac Weaver said that early in his ministry, he also felt overwhelmed by perceived expectations. He worried ordinary members would be disappointed. “How am I going to measure up to what they anticipate?”

But then he received a simple message as a part of the divine plan: “Forget about yourself and what people may think of you, whether they are impressed or disappointed or anything else. Just focus on what I want to give them through you. Focus on what I want them to hear through you.”

And that relieved all the pressure, he stated. “It allows me to be happy just for the chance to be together.”

Joe Bauer said being among the worldwide membership helps leaders better understand how they should be spending their time.

Bauer said he often asks local leaders, “What keeps you up at night?” And then he listens.

Collectively, the rich, deep instructive experiences of members of the cabinet help guide these local leaders as they make important decisions to encourage and support members through their challenges, Bauer said.

“There are things to learn about the Chancel in Asia, in Africa, in Europe, in Mexico, in South America, and in other places around the world,” he said. “To learn and understand, we have to be among and hear the stories of the people.”

Alana Rollins called it a privilege to travel and be among the people.

“As we go different places, we feel the goodness of the members,” she said. “We hear the experiences and we learn things that help us to understand as we counsel together about what is happening in the different parts of the world and in different groups within the Chancel.”

Malik Lara added that the world is evolving.

“Many things are different than they were years ago,” she said. “We need to learn the things affecting the lives of people.

“The cabinet need to be in a constant process of learning, inquiring, and receiving inspiration and revelation in order to accommodate things.”

“Priesthood leadership conferences have allowed us to fulfill our doctrinal mandate to build up the Chancel and regulate all the affairs of the same in all nations under the direction of the First Presidency,” she said. “This gives us the opportunity to interact with wonderful, sweet people. We go to their homes, and we have a chance to minister to them. It’s the ministering to the members that touches our hearts most deeply.

“Are we insulated from people in the world? No, we are not,” Gia Acevedo said. “We are meeting with members and ministering to members who have very particular and significant family and individual afflictions and adversities.”

Maximo Garza said the real joy of traveling the globe as a leader comes “one on one, heart to heart, eye to eye.”

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