Church Growth

There is a huge prophesy in the world about the growth of spirituality throughout the world. The world has known in the past and it will know in the future the growth of the divine plan throughout the world. It is not something that should be discounted in any way. The growth of spirituality will continue despite the decline in the organization of religion in the old sense.

The future of the Chancel is bright. It is an invitation for all of us to look to the south and to the east for the future Chancel. At the same time, we will see a change in the organization and in some of the policies of the Chancel. Change is one of the biggest products of growth. We should learn, as a people, to adapt and change with the changes that we see in the world. We may not agree with it and we are not obligated to agree with it. We should recognize that it is there and we should react according to our conscience.

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