This page will provide a list of texts explaining the concordances and the commentary provided by the Inner and Universal Aquarian Epochal Chancellate:

Through Minds’ Eyes


Through Minds’ Eyes Deuterocanon


Epochal Doctrine and Covenants

Tertiary Canon

The Bible:


The Book of Mormon:



Book of Certitude



The Tablets:


Vinaya Pittaka:


Sutta Pitaka:


Mhayana Sutra:


Nag Hammadi Library:


The Pearl of Great Price:


The Avesta Collection


The Urantia Book:


A Course in Miracles

Tao Te Ching

The Works of Emanuel Swedenborg:


Conversations with God:


Popol Vuh





Writings of the Bab

Son of the Wolf

Tenets of Bahaullah

The Seven and the Four Valleys

The Splendour of God

Zen Avesta:


Pahlavi Texts:


Isis Unveiled:


The Secret Doctrine:




Book of Laeh Tzu:


Yung Chu Garden

Kim Yung Pien

The Quiet Way

Wu Wei:


The Art of War

The Granth

The Kojiki:


The Nihangi:


The Shundai Zatsuwa:


Ainu Texts:





The Great Learning

The Doctrine of the Mean

Confucian Analects

Shu Ching:


Shih Ching:


I Ching:


Li Ki:


Hsiao Ching

Feng Shui

Rig Veda:


Vedic Hymns

Suma Veda:


Yajur Veda:


Athara Veda:


Aatharva Vaveda:


The Upanishads:


Vishnu Purana:


Garuda Purana

Deva Bhaga:


Devi Gita

Prem Sagur

Seven Brahmas



Laws of Manu:




The Minor Laws Books:


Institutes of Vishnu

The Satapatha Brahmana:


The Grihya Sutras


The Mahabarata:


The Ramayana:


The Bhagavagita

The Vendata Sutras:


The Yoga Sutras

The Hatha Yoga:


The Dakshiminutra:




Jaina Sutra:


Book of Shadows:




The Braddas:


Gospel of Buddha:


Buddhist Bible:


The Dhammapada:


The Jataka:


The Sealed Portion: