Cycle A Week 15

Book of Cortise pg 68 (Cortise 11: 17-26 – page 55-56)

Now the religion of the anointed one will be separated out between those who want progress and those who want to keep it the way it is. The religion of the anointed one is a very diverse grouping of people who do not agree on many fundamental things. The thing that these people share in common is that they believe in the anointed one who has come at the beginning of the age, which is now in its final generations. They do not abide by the teachings of this person because this person caught the truth, and they do not. They perverted the truth behind a set of rituals and dogma. The truth must be brought forth from the book of the anointed. These teachings will be set forth without the dogma and doctrine, and everyone shall come to know of the great truth that is found inside. This has come forth from the land of liberty, were all things have been made possible by the laws established. This is going to be the greatest of all ages, for this is the age that has been predicted to come. A new generation of anointed people shall rise up and a new age shall come forth from the teachings of the anointed prophets.

Anthem 136 (Anthems 136: 1-26 – page 102-103)

Response: I will come to see a new Eden upon the face of the earth

Praise your spirit for the mercy that came from it shall endure with you forever. Praise the one who is above all the gods of the world. The mercy of all of those around you and all of those above you shall endure with you forever. Great wonders shall be done in your name because of your spirit. Remember the one who created the heavens and the earth. Remember the things that brought forth life and remember the minds behind it. Remember the one who is brought to the light for the light has set you free. Remember the cycles of the earth and that without the sun, all people shall perish. Remember the moon and remember the stars, for they have given order to all cycles.

Remember those who have struck down the wicked. Remember the one who has given you the land that once belonged to them. Remember the one who is over all of your affairs. Remember the one who has brought you away from the darkness and into the light. Remember the one who has led you through the midst of that darkness. Remember the one who has taken your enemies away, for your enemies have amounted to nothing. Remember the one who lead you through the desert of this world and lead you into the great Eden which is the heavens.

Remember the one who struck down the wicked kings. Remember the one who struck down the powerful kings because their power had gotten to them. Remember the one who brought you out of the pits of darkness. Remember the one who has brought forth great blessings to your life. Remember the one who gave you the land that was once your enemies land. Remember the one that has given you a heritage and given you a posterity. You will be remembered for being human and you are lovely in this world. You have been freed from your evils and will now dwell in the lamp of the light. All the blessings of the heavens have come to you through the intercession of your ancestors and your spirit. Praise those who are in the heavens, for their mercy on you is forever.

Letter to the Guardian Angel of Ephesus pg 531 (Ephesus 10: 1-14 – page 444)

I am still to urge you to give up on your old ways and to come to the new ways. You do not need the myth that comes with the teachings or to submit yourselves to false gods. God does not exist in the way that most of humanity understands it and nothing will change if you continue to blindly worship without question.

Draw your strength from within yourself before you have mighty power. Stand firm against your own lusts in your life. The struggle is not with your flesh, but is with your spirit. Therefore, put on the armor that your spirit is equipped with, and fight against all that which is evil in your life. Stand fast and hold your ground in righteousness. Be ready to fight the fight against yourself. Have faith in yourself as a shield for you can conquer your own suffering and can live in peace forever. Put on the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which you are always equipped with.

Be watchful with all perseverance and supplication for the return of your spirit. Make known with boldness your own vital spirits against the lusts of your life. Have the courage to speak out against all manner of evil within your life.

Teachings of the West pg 383 (Teachings of the West 21: 1-18 – page 327)

The feast is at hand. Say to those people, depart and go into the world so that others may see the great works that come for you. No man that does anything in secret will seek to be known. If you do these things, then leave the world behind. No one will believe in you if you depart from this world. My time has come, but your time is always here. The world can hate you, but that is because the world will hate me. I testify of the works that are evil and they will always fall in the face of the works that do good. Go into the world and be of the world but my time has not come to be in the world. I will go into the world in secret and I will come out into the world as a new person. There will be much murmuring among the masses, and some will love me and others will hate me. No one will speak openly of me for fear of being chastised by their own social control system. Out of the myths, I will come up and teach the people at the time where the new age is to come. They will all marvel at me and say that no man knows these things, so how has he learned? My doctrine is not mine, my doctrine is the doctrine of those who have come before me to enlighten the world. You evolve beyond the point which you are at, but I say, why do you follow these laws because they are faulty. You have a demon, why do you go about fulfilling your desires with the things of the world because it is to destroy your demon? I have done one thing in all of you have marveled at it. The social control systems have given you a lot following their paths, but I say that in order to be enlightened, you only have to follow simple rules that apply to everyone. If anyone comes before you and believe something different, do not chastise them for their beliefs, rather, learn and you will become more enlightened as a result.

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