December 2017

Date: November 27 – December 3

  • What is the highest form of love?
  • What is unconditional love?
  • How can we be sure when love is genuine?

The highest form of love can be seen in unconditional sacrifice on behalf of another. This is something that has been seen by those who are called the dying and resurrecting gods. The existence of that concept is meant to teach us how we are to love ourselves and to love one another. We should do unselfish actions for the sake of another person.

Humans have not been known for loving one another. This is something that has been known throughout history. The root of this is because of our imperfect nature and the fact that we might not love ourselves either. Fixing the world and making sure that the world loves one another starts with the idea of loving ourselves.

We need to start with loving ourselves. This is where we first explore the difference between fake love and true love. We will know of this before we see the true love that we need to express towards other people. The most important thing that we need to understand is that we should not have any conditions to this love. It should be without expectations.

We should show love in all sorts of ways. The virtues that we are taught will give us a foundation. We should show love in deed and in word without expectations. There are a lot of people who will not appreciate what you do for them. It is something that is even taught by the Christs. Just because it does not have any return for you does not mean that you should not do it.

Date: December 4 – December 10

  • What is the sword of truth?
  • How can we maintain our zeal in the face of opposition?
  • How can we learn to cope with division?

We all want to have peace. We all want to be able to make everyone feel welcome and at peace. There will never be a time where we will be able to appease everyone. We will never be able to make everyone happy. The truth is something that will not make a lot of people happy. It is something that we can use to bring people together, but it requires us all to be able to embrace this truth. We should not bring people together with falsehoods.

There are a lot of people who will bring about opposition, even within their own families. Those who bring about division are those who are vocal about their opinions. They constantly try to justify themselves. They are the ones that lie to themselves as well. What we need to do is to show our opinions by example. There are a lot of people who do not practice what they preach.

All of us will have differing opinions. We should not be in a position to force people to change. The best that we can do is to keep improving ourselves. We will show our zeal by example to others.

People are going to change their lives and their preferences. It is an inevitable part of our lives. As we go through life, we will change what we believe in. We should never lose our zeal to practice the things that we preach. We should maintain the virtues that are good and to eschew the things that are bad.

We should never oppose the beliefs that someone else has. We should voice our support to those that are brought down by others. Call out the injustices that need to be called out and do not lose sight of the practices that you claim to preach.

Date: December 11 – December 17

  • How can we learn to not lie, cheat, steal, or kill?
  • How can we learn to maintain all of the Aquarian Commandments?
  • How can we keep wickedness out of our life?

There are a lot of visions that can be found in Through Minds’ Eyes. A lot of the visions found in the prophecies section keep us on the path to the light. Not only are they giving us visions of the things that are to come, but they are also giving us what is to come when we go down the wrong path. There are a lot of things that we do in our day to day life that are not in accordance with the divine plan.

We are commanded, for example, not to lie, cheat, kill, or steal. It is one of the Aquarian Commandments that constitutes the core of the covenant. There are consequences for the actions that we take against it. The divine consequences are the ones that we do not see coming, but they will have a profound impact on our life. People who lie seem like they are in a good place at the beginning, but they do end up being in the wrong place eventually.

We need to learn to walk in the walk and not just talk the talk. We cannot say one thing and do another thing. We need to live up to our word and to the mistakes that we can make. We should learn that there are a lot of things that will not agree with our morals and values.

The people who do not follow in the ways of the Aquarian Commandments will face the wickedness of the world. When we follow in the ways of the covenant that we are all bound to, wickedness will be put into their place and the blessings will flow. These are the things that have been said throughout the prophecies. The good people are the ones that follow in the path to the light and hold the values and morals that the covenant holds.

Date: December 18 – December 24

  • How can we be assured of a good future?
  • What can we pass on to our posterity to help them?
  • How can we take part in the building of knowledge and wisdom?

There are a lot of things in the world that are wrong today. The world is full of people who do not know and do not care about the things of the truth. They will also perpetuate all of the bad things and the vices of the world. They do not know of the light and of the city in the wilderness. They are not only a part of the wilderness, but they are also content with this wilderness.

There are a lot of people who have sacrificed a lot to get to where we are at today. They did not know what they were getting into when they took the risks that they took and they did not have anything for the most part. We should have this sense of wonder today. We want to pass something on to our posterity that is better than what we have done today. There are many of us who have not been able to do this.

We should not wait for other people to change the world. We should not be in a position where we just sit back and let life happen to us. We should go out and find a better way to do something. We have protection coming to us and guiding us through the Angels and we also have good examples come to us through the prophets and the Christs.

There is a lot of opposition that will come to the world today. The people of the world do not like the fact that we follow in these footsteps and in the covenant. The covenant is something that should become a part of our life.

As it was in the beginning, there is a battle between the good and the evil. We have a choice to make as to what world we should be a part of. We should be a part of the path to the heavens and we should make that mental and physical change. We should take part in the building of the work and we should be able to stand our own even in the face of opposition. This is something that continues to be a part of our daily lives and it is also something that everyone should ponder. Thee path to change is hard, but it is something that is worth it in the end.



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