Emphasis on Ministering

The emphasis on ministering as the way of the future will make way for further changes in the Chancel. There are many religions around the world that have moved away from the teaching of the word to the application of the world. The Chancellate has always focused on the example that people can set. However, they will not move away from the teachings of the word. The word is important to understanding the actions. The program of teaching the words of the Christs and the prophets, however, will be a lot more individualized.

More resources will be allocated to the ministering of the people. The teaching of the world will take place on a more individualized level with some guidance from the class of the teachers. The lesson plans will now cater to the needs of those who are taking the classes and answer some of the greatest questions that we have. As we mature, the lessons will be even more complex and the intuition that we have will be deeper.

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