Gather the Family

We should do what we can to reach out and to Gather the Family. The family that we are referring to is the family of humanity. Humanity is a nature that all of us have and it is one of the things that unites us. We all have the same needs and the same goals for our life on the human level. All of us are unique in our talents and in our place in society and that is how we are to find that.

The society that we are in is set up for us to be divided. There are many ways by which our society divides us. There are many of us who strive to get over the physical differences, but that is not the most effective ways to change. The most effective is the one that is internal. It is very beneficial for us to understand that the Christs focused on the internal rather than the external for unity. That is why the rights of man are so free to the individual. It will make for a stronger and more tolerant society and bring about a culture of understanding.

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