Love Casts Out Fear

We should strive to remember that love casts out all the fear of the world that we may have. All of the emotions that we have in the world can be boiled down to two emotions, which is love and fear. Fear is the emotion that the majority of people in the world will have for the majority of time. It is the primal emotion of man. It is what has allowed us to survive to be one of the apex predators in the world. Love will not get us to the place that we are at physically, but it is important for us to have spiritually.

The Christs taught us how to be better spiritually. In being spiritually mature, you do not need to give up your instincts as an animal when you need them to happen. What the Christs wanted us to do is to find a balance between humanity and spirituality. That balance will enable us to live a more wholesome life. The love that we have for our fellow man will cast away all of the fear that the world can give to us and the fear that we have ourselves from our own instincts.

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