Power of Obedience

There is a surprising amount of power that we can actually gain from being obedient to the powers that be. We are obligated, under the divine plan, to be a just citizen of the world for the sake of humanity. We should fight against the oppressive people and the oppressive governments of the world for the sake of the collective. We should not be a part of the light if the light does not want to uplift all people. Those in power have a great sense of responsibility for the people that they are to rule over. There are a lot of leaders that have recognized it and have maintained power for a long time. There are, however, a lot of people who have not been able to do that and they have suffered as a result in a short amount of time. We should find the power that we need in being obedient, but only if those who are obedient have power to maintain life the way that the people want it to be.

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