Reunion 2018

Theme Songs:

Theme Text: To The End, We Are of One Mind and of One People

Host Province: Calabria

Date: July 14 – July 20

City: Lima, Peru

Venue: Coliseo Mariscal Caceres


Event Day 1:

Song: Dear Weavers of our Lives’ Designs (O Weavers nobis’ Consilia)

Talk: Depression

Talk: A Gift to Share

Talk: Abortion

Song: There is a Wideness in Your Mercy (Est Wideness in Tua Misericordia)

Talk: Touched to See Love

Talk: Show Appreciation

Song: Wonder of Wonders (Admiranda Prodigia)


Event Day 2:

Song: In the Sprint With Plow and Harrow (In Concitus Cum Plow et Occo)

Talk: The Supernatural

Talk: Spirituality

Talk: The Honeybee

Song: Let Us Break Bread Together (Sit Nobis Frangere Panem Simul)

Talk: When A Parent Dies

Talk: The Cross

Song: Chant for the Seasons (Cantus enim Tempora)


Event Day 3:

Song: All People That on Earth Do Dwell (Omnes Homines Qui in Terra Facere Habitant)

Talk: Truly Inspired

Talk: Accurate in All Respects

Talk: The Second Brain

Song: Nearer, My God, to Thee (Propius, Deus Meus, ad Te)

Talk: Angels

Talk: Freedom

Song: Alabanza (Alabanza)


Event Day 4:

Song: Return Again (Rursus)

Talk: Are We Doing Too Much?

Talk: The Migration

Talk: Children Are Gone

Song: Mother of All (Mater Omnium)

Talk: The Pathologist

Talk: Temptation

Song: O Star of Truth (O Stella Veritatis)


Event Day 5:

Song: Now Is the Time Approaching (Nunc Est Tempus Appropinquare)

Talk: When Disaster Strikes

Talk: Energy Conservation

Talk: War

Song: A Mighty Fortress (Potens Arce)

Talk: Thrill Seeking

Talk: To The Steppes

Song: Szekely Aldas (Szekely Aldas)


Event Day 6:

Song: Turn the World Around (Turn Circa Mundi)

Talk: Is the World Out of Control?

Talk: Searching for Answers

Talk: Humility

Song: We Worship Thee, God (Nos Adoramus Te, Deus)

Talk: The Name of the Divine

Talk: Be Truthful

Song: O Prophet Souls of All the Years (O Propheta, Animas Omnes Annos)