Section 188

Name: Testificatione

Date and Circumstances: The leadership recognized that there is a need to have a personal witness of the truths of the philosophy and of the holy mission of the Chancel in these days.


Lo and behold all of the things that I say for now and forever. The mission of the Chancel should be to help the individual to be the best versions of themselves. The leaders and elders should not tell the people how to live their lives. The people should be able to think for themselves and should tell the leaders and the elders how to govern according to the will of the divine plan. The divine plan is something that has been established for the good of the people and not always for the good of the leadership. When the leadership is corrupt, the people will revolt against them. This word of truth shall be preached throughout the world. Be steadfast in this truth and maintain this truth for all of the days of their life. The spirit of truth is reaching out to many of the souls of this world.