Section 77

Lo and behold all of the things that I say for now and forever. What is being seen in the world today is the fact that people do not show love to one another anymore. The Christs exhibited a sense of love to the people of the world. We need to be able to show the same type of love to all the people of the world. The first step to showing love is the principle of forgiveness. We need to have the ability to accept forgiveness from others and we also need to have the capacity to forgive. This will help us to free our minds and our spirit. We need to forgive all people, even our enemies.

There is no justification of war. War will never lead to true peace. War brings about more war and a sense of unease to the world. The only time that war is justified is if there are people who are being persecuted. Just like war is fine to save those who are persecuted, we need to stand up for those who are put down and we need to stand up for those who are persecuted. Understand this, too, that you will also be persecuted based on the things that you believe in. This is something that you need to be able to stand for. Be steadfast in this understanding and you will put forth a good life.

Sometimes, we will face a lot of trials in life. When we are going down the path to the light, your life will not all of the sudden not have any trials. We will always have trials in life, but the difference will be in our perspective. When we have a good perspective on life, we will be able to face these trials better. We need to stand for the cause of the divine. When we are in the path to the light, we will have a better outlook on the things of life. Life is not easy no matter where we are at in life, so the one thing that we need to be able to do is to understand and to be a part of a new perspective. We need to be able to see through the eye of the mind.

In order to be a good person of good foundation, it is important that you look up to good leaders. Good leaders are those who can be a good example to the people of the world. This is why we turn to the perfect exemplar, the Christs, for not only word, but deed as well. When we look to a good example, the more that we have, the better off we are. We are in a good position in life if we have good leaders. This will help us, in turn, to be better to those who look up to us. When we have a good leadership style, we will also have a good style of teaching others the wisdom and the knowledge that they need to have to be successful in life.

We need to be able to uphold the laws of the land. Not all of them will be just laws, but we are not called to break all the laws that we do not agree with. We need to have the ability to enact change from within. That is why it is good and necessary to have just leaders in our midst. When we raise up a good generation of leaders, we will also raise up a good world. However, all of this will start with the leaders that we create and the knowledge and wisdom that we pass on to the world. So let it be done.

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