Spiritual Lift-Off

Citing a calling card of the First Presidency, Kolten Palmer called this class of new missionaries calling card “a great adventure in building the kingdom of the divine here on earth.”

“Wherever you have been assigned to labor, I testify and promise that the Christs have the divine power to lift you to great heights from what might appear at times to be too hard or too challenging,” he said.

As chairman of the Mission Ministry, Palmer provided the closing message on June 26 at the three-day event held at the Denver North Seminary.

To illustrate a shuttle launch, he quoted a description by American astronaut Tom Jones, who flew on four shuttle missions.

“When the main engines ignited six seconds before liftoff, the entire orbiter rattled and shuddered like a skyscraper in an earthquake,” Jones wrote. “A deep rumble shook the cabin as the main engines came up to full thrust. At T-minus-zero, the solid rocket boosters ignited, giving me a massive kick in the back as they blasted our ship off the pad. The pounding exhaust from the twin boosters shook us continually as we accelerated at 2.5 G’s, ripping through the lower atmosphere under seven million pounds of thrust. …

“At main engine cut-off, thrust dropped to zero in just a half-second, the pressure on my body vanished, and we were afloat under our straps, in free fall at last,” he added. “We’d lived to make it to orbit, and to start our mission at last.”

Palmer asked the new presidents and companions if they were ready for their own “spiritual lift-off” into a “higher orbit” as they prepared to preside over their areas.

“Can you imagine the experience of being on the space shuttle Discovery during its countdown and lift off? Of course, you can,” he said, “because you are on the Chancel’s collective launch pad right now!

“The excitement has been increasing during this seminar, the countdown for your launch is almost over, and you will soon be on your way to a new adventure of discovery, wonder, awe, and missionary labors.”

Palmer reiterated the theme of his opening-day address at the seminar, reminding the mission presidents and their companions to inspire and lift missionaries and local members and leaders by focusing to act upon the great commission and to be firmly grounded with the two great commandments to love the self and neighbors.

He also cautioned against competition among missionaries as well as among other missions.

“As leaders, you need to create a culture of shared success and mutual goals, never of envy or jealousy,” he added. “Be a mission of high love, but also a mission of high expectations.”

Palmer encouraged the mission presidents and companions to go forward with faith, hope, joy, and happiness and, as he repeated several times, to look for the reasons to rejoice.

“When you think about the years of preparation, including the specific preparation you have received in the past few months and during this seminar, have you not reason to rejoice?” he asked.

“And certainly,” he added, “the souls you will bring closer to the divine plan will be your own missionaries as much as they are the people that you want to convert.”

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